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  1. Ignore the "contract" for a moment. You're saying if you sold your graphics card on ebay and the listing went above the average selling price for it brand new and the buyer made their account on the same day your listing ended. You would not suspect anything? Also, as i said, his address is just commas. If i were to print to label off from ebay it would just be commas and the postcode. Now im not the postmaster, but im pretty sure that would end up coming back to me.
  2. That's retarded, so i have to take a £170 loss just because you're not allowed to suspect anyone of being fraudulent even if they are paying more than anywhere else that sells it NEW.
  3. Ok, so i've been getting rid of some stuff i dont use and a new user with 0 reputation won the auction for my gigabyte 1050ti windforce (about £150-ish). But the final bid was for £165. The details listed on his ebay profile (he hasn't paid yet) are just a bunch of commas, so I'm 90% sure it's a scam, so is their anything i can do when he pays, I kinda need the cash, so is it possible at all to sell it to the next legit looking buyer? I haven't used ebay in a while and from what it looks like, it looks like its turned into a shitshow full of new accounts and people with 0-3 reputation. So is there any other place i can sell fairly safely?
  4. Ok cheers, i'll do this when i'm a bit more awake.
  5. Ok, so I get similar texts to these all the times and i ignore them because they're really obvious, but this time round, the text wasn't asking me for anything, it just simply said "thanks for notifying us of your change of address" along with a phone number. Now i always check these numbers, dont know why, but i do and after checking the number using barclays official number checker it said it was an official number, so now i dont know if i should be worried in case someone has made an account with my details or something. I'm kinda hoping that either the barclays checker is just really bad and its not actually a barclays number, or im missing something obvious because of my 3 hours of sleep. Either way i'm going to ignore it unless an overwhelmingly positive amount of you tell me to do something else. The number that was in the text was 0345 7 345 345.
  6. So I bought myself some Corsair Void headphones and their great, but for some reason, when i use them (in wireless mode) on my upstairs PC the speed drops from 30mbps to 4/5mbps. I'd understand a small drop in speed because of interference, but 15mbps? I am 100% it is the headphones, I have run 11 speed tests and the results are the same each time, 30mbps when the headphones are off and 5mbps when they are on. Is there any way for me to fix this or am i just screwed? EDIT - if it wasn't obvious i am on wifi upstairs. EDIT 2 - I have fixed it, i had the wifi adapter plugged in the back of my pc, i unplugged it and put it in the front and im back to 30mbps. I'm presuming having 2 usb dongles using 2.4ghz right next to each other just causes confusion.
  7. I'm 99% sure it'll be like uplay, this is Microsoft we're talking about here, you know the guys that forcibly installed windows 10 onto most pc's without asking the users if they want to upgrade. Of course they're going to force users into using their glorified mobile app store so that they can maximise profits. They'll probably stick the indie titles on steam with a redeemable ms store code and put all the main first party titles (GoW, Halo, forza, etc) on the ms store, so they can get 100% of the profits.
  8. IMO, this is the best linus video in a long time. A real feel good video.
  9. All this arguing about microsoft "lying" about xbox exclusivity is retarded. People arguing that microsoft lied do realise you can cancel preorders, right? At the time of anouncing the game Microsoft weren't heading in the direction of "we want to tap into that pc market again", so they release a new title that hasnt had a history of xbox exclusivity to make sure people arent outraged. if people are genuinely angry that microsoft released the game on pc, they should've canceled their preorder and told the retailer/online support that the reason for cancelling was that you were under the impression that it was a xbox exclusive title. But in reality the people who are angry probably expected the game to be better and now have buyers remorse and are looking for something else to blamer rather than aditting it.
  10. Pretty hypocritical, when you consider this is coming from the company not even using the latest cpu technology in their desktop PC's, its not even like the new cpus cost that much more. Just that they can probably buy the older stock for much, much cheaper in bulk so they can make their profit margin higher.
  11. Dota 2 TF2 Warframe War thunder World of tanks/warplanes/warships (havent really played much recently, but when i played wot, i could wreak havoc and all i had was a free 30 day premium code) Loadout (shame the devs abandoned it) LoL Smite Armoured Warfare Unturned Path of Exile Brawlhalla Dirty Bomb Planetside 2 Neverwinter (although i think im in the minority of people who like it) Ghost Recon Phantoms Dungeon Defenders 2... The list goes on really. If you had made that statement 2 years ago, id agree but free to play games are not the steaming piles of turds they used to be. When deciding if a game is Pay to win or not, i look to see how much of an advantage you get by paying and how much you would expect to pay. For example when EA's Battlefield Heroes was around, it'd get so much hate for being heavily pay to win, when in reality, if you had the skill, you could easily dominate the enemy team with default items and if you decided you did want to pay, you could spend £12 and you could buy 2 weapons (of unlimited duration) for each class of each faction. So I really disagreed with people calling it pay to win. Games made by Nexon (or any other korean dev for that matter), now thats pay to win...
  12. I mean, they did say you can buy cars with earned currency. But ima presume you're exagurating for effect, either way it really all depends on if MS understand that locking half the game behind a paywall will result in less sales and a unhappy community.
  13. Only a release window at the moment. Spring 2016.
  14. I'd be willing to bet that they just require you to be a certain level if you wish to buy the car with earned credits and if you want the car early, you can just use the premium currency.
  15. "He said Apex is just the beginning and all future Forza titles will come to PC." Source Forza Horizon 3 is in the works and as a result it should be coming to pc.