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  1. PeterBocan

    My code is returning 0 and I dont know why

    and remove that ampersand from printf otherwise you are printing out garbage (a float interpretation of the 64bit address -> nonsense)
  2. PeterBocan

    Has PC tech become stagnant? I think so.

    Stagnant? Not really. What was done 10 years ago on a cluster full of Xeons costing companies millions and days of computing can be now done in hours on a few GPUs... Where we can go from that? Be more efficient in terms of power efficiency. Today we can have a computer on a overgrown USB stick! Try that with Pentium IV. The day of "MOOAR PERFORMANCE" are gone, unless you are doing some heavy lifting.
  3. Which random company sells notebook over 2000$? Dell, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte... Acer maaaybe? Not really random... and no, those pins are what, a millimetre or two apart? One sparkle because of dust particle... #shitHappens but water damage would be the first cause... so I dont think Apple macbooks are safe to use in outdoor environment
  4. random laptops dont cost 2200$+
  5. When some Apple genius put high current circuit next to data line that goes to the CPU... Possible explanation in the pinned comment:
  6. PeterBocan

    What does the Return function do in Python?

    imagine function as being some sort of tube, a chunk of code that is separated and put aside to be used on many different places in your program. You put some inputs into it and you expect something back from that function.
  7. PeterBocan

    What does the Return function do in Python?

    It's a return statement, it returns the value stored in the variable called "Instruction"
  8. Did you notice he did not talk about "the Drag" ? :DDD ... #hhmmmmm...
  9. PeterBocan

    Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup

    Yes, precisely that was the context of the whole post. Typical users, using and doing typical stuff. Games are something different. That was the context. You just pick a one sentence and build context on that one line. Congratulations, https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman EDIT: Yes, I was talking about utilizing the 4 cores of older computers of normal people. LOL
  10. PeterBocan

    Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup

    Software engineer here as well. If you need to run Excel Spreadsheet on 4 core Core i7 then you do something wrong. Of course, Software engineering is resource demanding task but think about those other people who barely know what email is. You are not the typical user dude
  11. PeterBocan

    Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup

    At this point AMD's series makes more sense than Intels. So much overlap between those. if I had to choose between AMD or Intel on a workstation build, which will come next year this time around, I will go with AMD. Much easier decision making and much cheaper CPUs.
  12. PeterBocan

    Oracle SQL urgent help

    Yes, state your code in here, as you would everywhere else, what the issue is - probably some output from Oracle's SQL server. Is it an assignment huh?
  13. PeterBocan

    Oracle SQL urgent help

    Ask the question right in here, right away. Dont ask whether you can ask.
  14. PeterBocan

    Anyone else want to see LTT do Scrapyard Wars in Europe?

    Naaah, Britain or Ireland? That's not funny. What about Quebec or Montreal, and learn some French?
  15. PeterBocan

    Thinking of immigrating to Canada after college

    Save money. You will need them.