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  1. IntelliJ package. Best toolkit out there. I hate Electron apps like Atom and VS Code with passion.
  2. @wasab well, it looks like it is a recursive graph traversing. It looks like DFS, which is O(n+m) as a part of the backtracking mechanism for solving the HP problem with DP.
  3. PeterBocan

    Graphic Design/Engineering Machine...

    I am totally against the whole "single PC for multiple users" schema as it introduces single point of failure into the world - the PC goes down, and both of you are screwed, for God knows how long - and who's gonna fix it for you? I think it's okay to have one media centre for music, or videos but not for work. But, that's just my opinion. Firstly, I think, requiring 2500$ for a Photoshop work is a bit unnecessary, but my guess is that your wife is rocking Macbook Pro 15", isn't she? You could shave off 800-1000$ of that, if it wasn't a Macbook. So that's the very first corner I would cut off, if you want to drop down the price. When it comes to be "a bit cheaper" than having two PCs: You could shave off the server hardware, buy last-gen CPUs of the e-bay, for example the amount of ECC memory, SSD drives and buy that later on. You could buy one 12 core brand new Intel Xeon for 1200$ or buy two hexa-core Xeons from ebay for 100$, last or second to last gen. But, you could do that with the normal PC parts too. That's where you could shave off the most of the costs. Also, I presume, you are not that keen Linux user who would like to spend days on QEMU and IOMMU configurations, so when you decide to go with the route of "one server" option, I would suggest you to look at the VMware ESXi/vSphere hypervisors, that costs about 1000$ per license. Or if you are a linux geek and you adore linux command line, Look up KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).
  4. PeterBocan

    How would Linus fire Colton?

    Trebuchet from the Rooftop.
  5. PeterBocan

    Need help with JavaScript program

    The code seems ok. Submit your answer.
  6. Well, no, it's a claim, you can not know yet, as it is a matter of a lawsuit, we will know the truth and find the evidence. I guess he has some (internal Apple) files prepared to share with the court in the future, but at this point of time, no.
  7. Yes, ask for evidence, that is mostly the internal (confidential) documents and the IP of the corporation. No reasonable person will give you the evidence publicly as he will be charged for IP theft and I guess NDA break. I think lawyers from Apple has already thought about it. What evidence from the corporation like Apple can you show to the world without risking repercussions?
  8. Oh, so you allow in your universe the QA ex-engineer could lie about the bendgate issue to all of his colleagues and his seniors about the quality of the aluminium and potentially face lawsuit by his own employer, especially by a corporation like Apple, for what reason? Your reasoning doesn't make sense to me. Internal documents shows Apple knew about it, and they did nothing. If Apple engineer said that it was him, talking to his bosses and telling them that "over 3x worse bending is okay" and they disagreed would be a career suicide. Who is telling the truth? Mostly the guy who has no reason to lie?
  9. Well, the most of the evidence around BendGate is out there, as it was a matter of the lawsuit, isn't it? However, if an engineer tells you that they were lacking the QA or they were doing something that was making the product to be faulty by design and seniors rejected any complaints then any admission is good enough right? Do you think that no one opposed the "dongle madness" in Cupertino?
  10. No, you can still get the story of how come that Apple iPhone 6 got released even if it was known that it could be easily bent. You can get the information of how the QA and testing processes are and how they changed over the years. You still can get the objective answers.
  11. And that's why I would love to hear more from ex-Apple engineers, especially QA and hardware engineers ...
  12. I remember the days when everyone had those thick, cheap plastic notebooks that other brands made and Apple was the only one who had this fine aluminium finish, the touchpad was light years ahead and it really was a pro product for a pro price. Magsafe connector was like from another universe. The product itself stood out and everyone was really amazed by it in the room. Today the only amazement the Apple can bring is, is the price. Others have caught up and that's the only differing point they can offer.
  13. I agree on that. But what's going on since he departed is just astonishing. I would love to hear more from ex-Apple engineers.
  14. Apple went rotten after Steve Jobs’ death, former engineer claims Apple turned against customers and its own employees after the death of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, a fired Apple engineer claims in a lawsuit. Source: https://www.siliconvalley.com/2018/09/27/apple-went-rotten-after-steve-jobs-death-former-engineer-claims/ Law-suit: https://www.scribd.com/document/389672362/Darren-Eastman-vs-Apple [ If this story is true, it may reveal that the first trillion dollar company practices and low quality of the products and bad design decisions Apple made ever since 2011. Everything from BendGate onwards, to headphone jack decision, dongle decision, etc. ]
  15. PeterBocan

    Apple iPhone's most ridiculous pricing of iPhones

    @GoodBytes yes, and I dont dispute that but salaries in Europe are completely different than in the US. So, getting 200-300$+ bump in a price is quite a decisive point to go with the last gen iPhone X or go full Android. @huilun02 and I have iPhone SE and I am completely fine with it. No worries there, but the phones are getting more and more pricey, thinking I may switch to Samsung.