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  1. Back in the day of IE6-IE8 (and maybe IE9?), there was no access from JavaScript to any kind of Cryptographic APIs. This looks like a typical, but sacrilegious implementation of MD5 hashing algorithm in JavaScript. It's uncommon these days to see such a code, as it is very hazardous to implement, or even try to implement hashing algorithm on your own.
  2. It's not a fix. It's a mitigation. If it was a fix the processor would work at 4.8 GHz during the rendering time.
  3. Nope. Their specific programs like package managers are different but all of them have man pages.
  4. This guy is salty. Extremely salty.
  5. It's not a fix, it's a mitigation.
  6. A bit of Louis won't hurt...
  7. Right? Also Macbook users can forget about turboboost towards 4 GHz. They just choked a voltage a bit and that's it.
  8. 1080ti or wait for 1180?

  9. Huh. It is better, they basically turned the i9 into i7 because it can not boost over Base Clock at heavy usage. Congratulations.
  10. ZSH for life. Bash is miles ahead of CMD, but ZSH is just Creme de la Creme! EDIT: I wonder whether they come up with better scripting language than that nightmare.
  11. Mac section?

    We should call the section "Hammer time!"
  12. Dude, the only thing they can do is undervolt and limit the voltage. The heatsinks and VRMs will not miraculously appear in your notebook, even though for that price, that would be impressive.