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Everything posted by Purple

  1. Welp, i tried to ignore the Jim Parsons adverts, but now i guess I'll be officially moving over to AMD for my next upgrade.
  2. you get to see trevor hang dong and have sex with a teddy bear but if thats fine with you then i say go for it
  3. seems like she made it up for publicity to advertise herself and her channel
  4. Blues, though I do want to try green
  5. Yay, more videos like this please. It's why I subbed in the first place.
  6. Go with one from NewAndreas . You're trying to hard to make it look like Portal, which is overdone and isn't very creative.
  7. Some water bottles, lotion, piggie bank, a phone adapter, hand sanatizer, mouthwash, 2 hats, 360 games case, Xbox 360, Blue Snowball, Vaseline, a receiver, a book i'll never read, some screw drivers, a GoPro, a tripod, toothbrush, tenga egg, redemption codes, Ableton Launchpad, $20 in rolled quarters, Note 3, vape/eliquid, batteries, Fire sauce from taco bell, DMV crap, pencil sharpener, Logitech G27, 3 pairs of glasses, Lifestyles wrapper,and a bowl of half eaten icecream.
  8. Don't have a 4k monitor, and probably wont for a while
  9. I've never been a fan of gaming laptops after receiving an m17x as a gift and having a horrible time with it. Though I must admit, as soon as I saw the new blade 14" I really wanted one. That bezel looks huge though
  10. Crackdown eh, that's the thing that came with my Halo 3 beta