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    AMD FX-8350
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    ASRock 970 Extreme4
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    8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
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    Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X
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    Fractal Define R5
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  1. Yeah GTAV and Red Dead Redemption 2 didn't make that much money at all. Very niche.
  2. R5 has a lower base clock, but most Ryzen(s) thus far can hit 4GHz equally since they are from the same yield but with 2 disabled cores. Yields on 8 core Ryzens are very good.
  3. No offence to LUUD18 but that is actually kind of funny
  4. I haven't been online for a long time and I should update my signature. I actually have an i5 7500 now. I get 50% (~ish) more FPS and less stuttering. So like for example in BF4 (my first PC game back in 2013 with a FX-8350) I would get like 70FPS with drops below to 50s, now I can easily get 110FPS and no drops below 70, I test both CPU in in singleplayer since its hard to test in multiplayer when no one plays the game anymore. I also played Forza Horizon (demo) on both CPUs and I do get 15FPS more with higher minimums on the i5, so its less stuttery and it is a DX12 game. Doom I pretty much have the same FPS but the i5 does have better minimums (less drops). Doom is like the best example of Vulkan right now and when you have an i5 and i3 beating a FX-8370 and FX-9590 on a game that is supposed to use as much of the hardware as possible then it doesn't look good for the FX. An i5 7500 here in Australia is only $265 while the FX-8350 is still $250. Both are cooled with an Arctic Freezer 13 cooler. And like that guy said if an i3 is already outperforming a FX-8350 in heavy multithreading (the thing the FX series was originally designed to do), then DX12 or Vulkan can't do anymore better. The reason why I bought an i5 7500 because I want to go back and play games I haven't finished such as The Witcher 2 and Bioshock 2, I rarely play recent games because of studies/work. I gave my FX and motherboard to my dad so that the family can have an extra computer.
  5. watercooled overclocked fx cpu could barely match an i3 or i5 on a stock cooler on dx12 or vulkan. I don't get why you would spend more money for less performance, especially when you need a decent board for it. Even in some multi-threaded software an i3 would outperform an FX-8320. If it can be beaten by some dual core CPU on a multi-threaded workflow, then how can dx12 or vulkan can fix that when they are designed to make games more multi-threaded in the first place??
  6. Then why wouldn't we start right now. Most console games are 30FPS anyway, may as well go all the way to 4K, it's better than playing in 900p 30FPS. While on PC we will wait until 60FPS is feasible.
  7. You can also see the R9 290/X handily beat the GTX 970 in Fables Legend despite having the same amount of VRAM. The Fury X is bottlenecked by its own VRAM. Only ~2-5 FPS behind the GTX 980Ti is not bad for a 4GB card. @-BirdiE- What you just accidentally proved is how good the Fury X and R9 290X is with less/equal VRAM.
  8. You made it sound like a big deal earlier.
  9. @JebKerman Corsair and Jetflo are clearly round frame. Just because it isn't a perfect circle it does not mean it has a round frame. This is a Corsair AIO liquid cooler, you can clearly see its round. Its not a square! Look at that gap! To the OP, if you can't decide which ones just go for square fans because they do not have any drawbacks for being squared vs round. Square are good for airflow and rads, round is good for airflow but bad for rads. In terms of airflow though neither one got an advantage over another. Round frames is just to save cost for the manufacturer and does help a little bit in case compatibility.
  10. I always find that people who never actually plays the game says its a movie and people who did play the game never says its like a movie. Hmm I wonder... lol I watched that live, everyone in the chat is trying to tell him how to get past that part. He keeps dying and keeps restarting. Yea it is definitely like a movie because you are just watching /sarcasm Is that supposed to be a joke? Then it was terrible.
  11. It's a test for your cognitive functions not lifestyle, it's not meant to be used for employment seeking or exactly replicating how you live your everyday life. http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/Cognitive-Functions/index.cfm And people personality can change over the years. Schools or workplaces who determines your job based on these tests are dumb and you shouldn't even consider going there. But maybe they were just doing it for your own self-reflection not for them. Because these days IQ, personality tests or degrees is no longer as important as it was. I went to a private Christian school and we took these test just for fun, learning and discovering.
  12. Exactly, I never have problems with AMD's Gaming Evolved games.
  13. The Strix cooler shroud is just thin plastic with "cut corners" to save cost. XFX is the last thing I look at for good looking graphic cards.