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  1. Back when I was in high school I had found this free program called OfficePoltergeist where you run a client program that is hidden in the background on your victims computer, and then the server program is run on your computer where you can do silly things like open and close the disc drive, send text to the keyboard, and all sorts of funny stuff. So I was itching to try it out on one of my teachers, so I set it all up one morning in her class and then when I got to my computer class I ran the server program and started opening and closing the disc drive at random times. She was an older teacher and she thought the computer was broken and eventually tried to tape the drive shut. :lol: That was the only time I was ever sent to the principal, but it was totally worth it. lol
  2. When I was like 6 or 7, I got my first computer that ran Windows 95. I managed to set the computer to boot into DOS mode, and never could figure out how to get back into Windows. I went for months without being able to use the computer, and I feel so silly because I later learned all I needed to do was type "win" into the command prompt and press enter.
  3. I am supposed to be preparing for my business communications final presentation tomorrow morning. :mellow: