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    Senior Member

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    Been building my own computer systems since 1998 (first build)
    Used to be a racing driver (until ran out of money)
    dream job is racing driver or bush pilot
  • Occupation
    Design & build, Dairy farmer (cows)


  • CPU
    Intel i7-4790
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z87i deluxe m-itx
  • RAM
    Team Vulcan 16gig @2133mhz
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 970
  • Case
    Custom build from scratch (Earth build)
  • Storage
    Mushkin 120gig SSD, Seagate 500gig SATA3
  • PSU
    Kingwin lazer gold 80, 550w semmi modular
  • Display(s)
    acer LCD LED 24" HD monitor
  • Cooling
    Zalman air cooler
  • Keyboard
    Cyborg V5 gaming backlit mechanical keyboard
  • Mouse
    cheap microsoft 2 button and scroll wheel
  • Sound
    Steelseries headset
  • Operating System
    Winows 7 64bit Home edition

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  1. sorry if i offended you. i did read through some of the first few thread reply's and your original post which gives no indication to what your intentions are and as you said your a first time builder i was just tying to point out about response time, and that nowadays hard drives and such are going cable-less (M.2 & pci-e) to save cables and make neater builds. If you want to save costs and its for production you might of been better with a happy medium non k i7 as it has 2 threads per core. when building a new computer you have to look at future proofing and getting the best you can afford for the specs you require. I hope it all works well and runs smooth, cool and quiet.
  2. not sure what the 970 is like running 3x monitors, i would get a good single 24" monitor and run higher graphics settings or a more powerful GPU and run on a 27" but to be honest its personal choice and depends what you intend to use it for. the rest is ok, i suggest looking into pci-e SSD and save cables, better quality. or m.2 if your m/board supports it. a good psu is always nice to have. those monitors look cheap and recommend better single one or just 2 better ones. i mean 6ms response time, no HDMI, 60hz not good for high end gaming my friend. 2ms response time is better option.
  3. yes for a 4790 it will be for sure good. if you like all black there is a good one from evga http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-cpu-cooler-100fsc901kr i have personally kept with Zalman coolers for like 10 year or more and never ever had a problem with them so many options. the cpu will be fine with a small air cooler. and as for PSU http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-power-supply-120pg0650gr if you like a bit of colour and like the red gpu cables then these evga psu are ok, there is so many out there and just get the best you can afford. for quiet well i think i looked out as i got a Kingwin gold rated 550w psu and its the best one i have ever had and so quiet, but they don't make them now i don't think.
  4. looks very nice and good to see your getting a i7-4790 i have one in a m-itx rig and a basic air cooler and its baller. I would for sure check the case is big enough for that graphics card, the dimensions are very very close. maybe a corsair 250D is a better case? and get a fully or semi modular psu. don't listen to the 4690k fan boys the 4790 i7 is a lot better (shots fired)
  5. Just like our friend here says, you can also get a hybrid hard drive if you could afford it for faster boot ups and even a small 2.5" drive if space is limited. If you need more graphics you can get the R7 250X ddr3 edition gpu and run it in duel graphics mode to better the performance when light - med gaming.
  6. H-series if only you are using a non K cpu. Z-series you can use a non K and a K cpu. invest in a Z series now then you wont have to do a board swap for a long time. and there is nothing wrong with getting a Z-series and putting a non K cpu in it, thats what i have and so i get all the features of a Z board and super fast memory speeds, good onboard sound, wifi etc and having a i7-4790 to me is better than a 4690k 4790 = 4 cores, 8 threads 4690k = 4 cores 4 threads 4790 is also rated slightly better performance and uses less power. so a win win
  7. should be ok, if you can i would have gotten a 990FX m/board. still if your just running one gpu and a 290 should be a nice match with that cpu. get a good cpu cooler and it will be fine, also to make transfer rates fast as possible use SSD or hybrid drives.
  8. cool ok well most of the things i got for when i was doing my scratch design (Earth build) rig and i was going to go with this m/board, CPU and ram etc as the main purpose of the scratch build was the case its self, then i wanted to showcase it as a working project. then decided why not go all the way and kit it out with a Zseries m/board, a Strix 970, and a i7-4790 CPU. so the spare m/board i have now was just used for getting mesurments for the scratch case design and build it did and to also get it as a working rig, so got a good deal in a sale with the m/board for about $70, then the CPU was a good deal. all are new and tested (working) components. the Memory is from my old gamer rig i used to have 4 sticks of an 8 gig kit so each module is 2 gig, meaning this little m-itx rig has just 4 gig or DDR3 Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz ram. but easy to upgrade in the future. the hard drive was a spare 2.5" 320 gig HDD from my laptop which i swapped out for a hybrid drive. the drive is clean formatted, and a new fresh install of windows 8.1 home premium on it with the drivers for the wifi dongle (also supplied with everything) i would recommend to get a new SSD or a hybrid drive for your new case and ghost copy the data across to the new drive as the old one is sata II and its a Toshiba HDD. The power supply i got from staples and is a happy medium quality that is good enough for a m-itx rig. its called Retailplus duel fan PS465w it was got for the scratch rig then i saw a fully modular one on sale so got that, this 465w PSU has never been used, brand new and is basically in the deal for free, its just to get someone started that's on a budget. you could then put the money to a good gtx960 or a 970 or a AMD390 or something else that suits your needs, and upgrade the cpu is easy later date it will be good if you just get a nice small case like the Corsair 250D or something and put the money into a good SSD and GPU. then recommend a non k i7 at a later date. for memory if you need a 8 or 16 gig kit then they are cheap kits now at 1600mhz which will work well. so yeah like i said $150 plus P&P its a good starter deal. i even have 2x GTS450 1 gig edition gpus laying around, and lots of aftermarket fans etc. If you want more performance then you will end up spending a couple of grand. so i think for 150 and then you choose what case you like, a bigger faster hard drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc all adds up so it should be a good little m/board, cpu, ram to get you going, even you can use the old drive which has all the m/board drivers on it and windows working. then upgrade what you can afford at a later date. again it all depends on what your using it for and how high end graphics, media, games etc you need to run. hope this info helps
  9. If you want to save cost and its for uni and your from Vancouver i have a suggestion. first i think m-itx is the way to go for uni as its smaller and can still perform. If you want if for college / uni type work and some gaming, then i can save you a packet by offering you a Asus H81i plus m/board that has a Intel G3258 cpu (brand new) installed, also some good ram (Corsair dominator GT 2000mhz.) a spare hard drive that already has a fresh install of windows 8.1 on it with drivers for a usb wifi dongle (also the dongle is included) and i have a spare brand new 465 watt psu. all you would need is get a bigger better hard drive and ghost copy the old drive onto it for more capacity and faster transfer rates, get a case, keyboard, monitor, mouse etc. then any extra fans and maybe better cooler something like a $30 Zalman air cooler is easy enough. and a GTX960 4 gig edition or a AMD390 or something that will do the job (make sure 4 gig) Then if you have enough budget left or at a later date get something like a i7-4790 and it would be amazing. This is for a budget option and will get you going unless you can afford to go with more expensive components. note i would do a good deal for all the components included. something like $150 plus P&P if your interested PM me.
  10. Yeah its like the "what would you do if you won the lotto" question. For heaven to me would be a place that contains all good thing, get to see my darling Eva who sadly passed away a while now, get to see my dad again, and all the good people that have passed on. also something like Alice in wonderland or Charlies chocolate factory where sections are made from chocolate and you can eat everything and not get fat. Chrystal clear water, majestic mountains, with snow that never melts and it never goes less than -1 degree but stays in perfect formation. NO insects, no bugs, no vermin, no crime, no wars, no pain, no hate, no sickness, no unwanted pregnancy`s, no pollution, no scum bags, lots of angels (women in white) playing on harps near the waters edge, endless fresh fruit trees that replenish new fruit 24 hours later. 1000 gig / sec unlimited WiFi for streaming HD media, movies, games etc. water is endless fresh stream of ice cold from the 20,000ft mountains in the distance, into pure amazing lakes and rivers that provide clean water. 20 hours a day of sunshine / light then super clear dark nights with thousands of easy to see stars and planets, nebula, star formation etc. 100 - 1 ratio of super thin, healthy woman in white (angels) and i can go on and on.
  11. Just watched it and loved it, thrilling, interesting, twist in the plot and kept you absorbed all the way through the film, i am not sure but it looked like it was filmed or meant to be in Greenland or someplace like it. i should look it up.
  12. Project Earth, or Earth build the picture explains why, basically i love nature, planets and wanted a challenge so designed and build my own computer from scratch.
  13. yes in many ways your right, i work with animals and most of them are smarter than some humans. then there are some super smart humans too. just a shame some people in this world spoil everything good and natural for there own greed. like when there is all the power of water, waves, wind, bio fuels from crops, fast growing and recycled paper from bamboo etc yet we are still going crazy taking out all the deadly oil that is buried in the earth for a reason. yet the love for money and human greed still overrules all. when we could be green and self efficient with everything nature provides us. sorry for the rant i had to get if out there.
  14. me too, like just 10 mins ago it finished and wow i give it a 10/10, totally loved this movie and maybe one day we will have AVA walking around. problem is even though these intelligent robots look perfect to make a wife if they are programmed and think like a woman then they will be like in the film, lead you on then leave you and wonder on by themselves with you locked in that room. (speaking about the film here) and no sexist marks indented,
  15. That's good then, it was just a thought, i didn't look much into it but you learn something new everyday you can get alloy sheet stamped out all depends on the equipment but laser is the most professional finish and you can program it to cut out lots of the cable management holes and stuff at the same time .