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  1. It was really inexpensive, I would not have bought one new
  2. Got a used RTX2080 to replace my GTX1080TI. When I switched the cards I got... nothing... I can still get an image from the motherboard's output and, if I switch back to my 1080TI it works. But the RTX2080 does not light up, fans do not spin and PCIE slot is empty in the bios. I have removed and reinserted the card 5 times pressing harder on it every time. Part list : https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/22Kk4q
  3. Looks Awsome would love to add this next to my 34UM95
  4. I need a new laptop for business outside my office, as light as possible and good battery life. My main issue is that I always end up looking at 1500$+ Laptops and I would like to stay under a 1000$CAD Main Uses: Photoshop, Lightroom, Serato DJ Minimum Specs: Between 13 and 15 inch SSD 128Gb+ ( would love to say 500Gb SSD but no laptop includes those so the only option would be to buy a cheaper laptop and buy the SSD on top ) 1080p IPS Screen ( up to 1440p no need for 4K) Windows 10 64bit i5 1.07GHz 2Gb of VRAM ( does not have to be dedicated graphics but is apreciated, if dedicated: Nvidia ) 8Gb RAM ( would love more but rare are laptops with more than 8Gb ) 2 USB ports (would like a Type C but can't have everything) Ethernet Port (Gigabit if possible)
  5. I have a pair of GTX780 in SLI hooked to a LG 34UM95. It runs everything pretty smoothly, except when the games don't support SLI, then it is a PAIN going under 30fps most of the time. So I am looking into buying a GTX980TI, and selling my two 780's. It would be a much better performance for games that don't support SLI, but I am not sure when compared to both my cards together. Is it a good Idea?
  6. You mean the C: drive would be corrupted? ( I currently have 5 drives plugged in )
  7. Yes I did but I did on many computers, I upgraded 8 PCs last week, only this one has a problem, some upgrades even solved some problems. When I restart my PC the problem is solved, but I currently work with about 12 HDDs and when I swap drives the problem comes back.
  8. When I try to open any folder in Windows 10. Progress bar stops at 90% and stays there even after 1hour, and there is no links to important folders like my drives, my pc and my documents. This PC runs on a Q6600 processor with 8Gb of RAM, and a Radeon HD3600
  9. Might, but this is an other soundcard I rarely use it and it is not installed yet that is why
  10. I have a few sound cards in my system but the one I use most often is my SoundBlaster Z for the 5.1 Optical out. Since I made a fresh install of Windows 10 the card makes weird popping noises when PC is under load. I have installed Latest Drivers and Softwares from the SoundBlaster website, I have tried changing the card to another slot, still makes the noise. The Noises start when PC is under load and there is a lot of sound. Exemples: Video Games, Streaming Movies/ Youtube videos , Editing Sound in Adobe CC. The problems seems to be overheating. At first I thought it was because of the video cards, but when I touched the backplates, the video cards were cooler than the sound card, while in a game. I contacted Sound Blaster customer support, and they take days to answer, and only repeat the same F***ing things over and over again, I built my own PC don't you think I tried reinstalling the Drivers . DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  11. I am looking for under 1000$USD / 1200$CAD laptop primarily for digital art in photoshop. But also for some gaming and web browsing. I have a 3000$ tower that i use for most of my work but i need to go mobile and be able to work on the go. I sometimes work with files pictures of 40000px x 20000px. I dont want a Mac.
  12. Is there a lot of 5.1 cheap external DAC's?
  13. With this sound system I can have a optical input, would it be best to go optical, and add a external or internal sound-card with optical output (since the motherboard doesn't have one)?
  14. I have recently noticed a background noise that is always present in my speakers. I have recorded the noise for you to hear. I have the Logitech Z906 500W 5.1ch speakers and Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. To see the rest of my pc parts: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/YQPscf Since I know some things about audio, I started testing to find the source of the noise. I tried: My 5.1 speakers plugged with the three 3.5mm audio jacks in the back of the PC: I get noise My 5.1 speakers plugged with the three 3.5mm audio jacks in the back of the PC with the headphones plugged in the controller of the speakers: I get noise My headphones plugged in the black of the PC: I get no noise My headphones plugged in the front of the PC: I get no noise My headphones plugged in my cellphone: I get no noise My 5.1 speakers plugged in my cellphone one of the three jacks at the time: I get no noise From what I have tested I can't find, the source of the noise to eliminate it. When I move my mouse around, I hear shifting in the noise, so I am deducing it is caused bu the PC, but when I plug my headphones directly in the PC I don't hear it. If you have any idea what could be the source of the noise, what could fix it, or other tests I should do, tell me. It does not stop me from using my PC but it is REALLY annoying. Noise.mp3
  15. I have a friend who works at eb games and he had people complaining about the game on every platform
  16. you dont buy the new games that come out every year?
  17. Sign the Petition https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-ubisoft-release-finished-games
  18. sign the petition https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-ubisoft-release-finished-games
  19. I was talking about consumer reviewers that's why, Reviewers that would buy the consumer copy of the game, and then make a review without any contact with the publisher
  20. I realize it is not an easy task, but it must be done!
  21. Your rigth but that is the magic of the internet. If we start a petition, and every youtuber who talks about this directs its public there, and if people from everywhere in the community talk about it in the forums we can do it. I have seen some petitions that have worked in the past and I am sure we can do something about it
  22. Exactly what i was thinking. But if we do this, I can wait one week to see if its good and then decide.
  23. I am a fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise, the last release in the franchise was a mess. I played it, I still love the franchise, I think they are handling the situation pretty well (if they deliver on their promises). But I don't want gaming to become like that, I know the companies are releasing more and more unfinished / unpolished games, making us pay a lot of money for it, and its not OK. Linus and a lot of people say: If you want this to change don't buy their games, these companies think with their wallet. And I think they are right. But a lot of people also want to play those games, and if lets say: I don't play the next Assassin's Creed Game so they see their profits going down. I will be 2 years without playing a new Assassin's Creed. The only idea I had was that if a lot of gamers, DECLARE they will all : Not pre-order any games Wait at least one week after the release so they can see the reviews of their trusted reviewers ( independent reviewers, youtubers, not payed under the table by the publisher ) And if they are convinced by the reviews that the developers have sent a finished product, that is worth playing only then will they buy the game. Because I am ready to wait one week after the release to see if the game is worth playing or not. BUT we need to let the publishers know that if they do not deliver a good finished game, we will not even bother to try it. If any one thinks we should do this or has any points or ideas on how to refine this strategy, comment please. We need to work as a group if we want to change the industry. I have started a petition if any of you want to sign it: https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-ubisoft-release-finished-games If you have any suggestions on changes that need to be made to the petition go ahead. I have started with Ubisoft and EA that are targetted by the petition but if any other publishers need to be added tell me