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  1. Welp... I did nothing and it turned on... sorry for the trouble...
  2. Computer does not post, cant do an update if I can't get into the bios menu?
  3. Sorry I wrote the wrong Processor its a 3800x
  4. Yeah I was looking for the box, Mobo ROG X470-F Ryzen 7 3800X 64GB Ram 850W EVGA Gold GTX1080TI I just tried unplugging and replugging the CPU 8Pin and 24Pin, still not turning on.
  5. My PC was working fine, I had an issue with my H100i so Corsair sent me a replacement, I changed the cooler plugged the computer, and it does not turn on anymore. The switch of the power supply is on, there are lights on the motherboard. I tried jumping the power switch, nothing. The fans don't ramp up, no error message on the mobo.
  6. It was really inexpensive, I would not have bought one new
  7. Got a used RTX2080 to replace my GTX1080TI. When I switched the cards I got... nothing... I can still get an image from the motherboard's output and, if I switch back to my 1080TI it works. But the RTX2080 does not light up, fans do not spin and PCIE slot is empty in the bios. I have removed and reinserted the card 5 times pressing harder on it every time. Part list : https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/22Kk4q
  8. Looks Awsome would love to add this next to my 34UM95
  9. I need a new laptop for business outside my office, as light as possible and good battery life. My main issue is that I always end up looking at 1500$+ Laptops and I would like to stay under a 1000$CAD Main Uses: Photoshop, Lightroom, Serato DJ Minimum Specs: Between 13 and 15 inch SSD 128Gb+ ( would love to say 500Gb SSD but no laptop includes those so the only option would be to buy a cheaper laptop and buy the SSD on top ) 1080p IPS Screen ( up to 1440p no need for 4K) Windows 10 64bit i5 1.07GHz 2Gb of VRAM ( does not have to be de
  10. I have a pair of GTX780 in SLI hooked to a LG 34UM95. It runs everything pretty smoothly, except when the games don't support SLI, then it is a PAIN going under 30fps most of the time. So I am looking into buying a GTX980TI, and selling my two 780's. It would be a much better performance for games that don't support SLI, but I am not sure when compared to both my cards together. Is it a good Idea?
  11. You mean the C: drive would be corrupted? ( I currently have 5 drives plugged in )
  12. Yes I did but I did on many computers, I upgraded 8 PCs last week, only this one has a problem, some upgrades even solved some problems. When I restart my PC the problem is solved, but I currently work with about 12 HDDs and when I swap drives the problem comes back.
  13. When I try to open any folder in Windows 10. Progress bar stops at 90% and stays there even after 1hour, and there is no links to important folders like my drives, my pc and my documents. This PC runs on a Q6600 processor with 8Gb of RAM, and a Radeon HD3600
  14. Might, but this is an other soundcard I rarely use it and it is not installed yet that is why