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  1. Maybe take a look at "Zowie". Its BenQ´s subbrand
  2. with the 1050ti having 4GB Vram the 1060 3GB seems strange at its position
  3. you can use it, but its not confortable most of the time.
  4. Yay, and there is again a phone with a giant screen so noone can use it one handed. Great
  5. Is there a particular website you use?
  6. Hallo guys, I was looking at the US pricing for the iPhone SE wich is 399$. That equals 350€. If that would be the german price, I would have bought one immediately. But the price here is 489€. That difference seems to big for me. Thats why I am thinking about a way to buy a US model and send it to germany. But i dont know about the shipping cost or the taxes. Does anyone of you have experience with something like that?
  7. My dad always sees me using a ssd and likes it. I would give him mine to takes this baby
  8. A NVR for my dad. He has survilliance cameras but no recording solution. http://www.amazon.com/HDView%C2%AE-Channel-Recording-compatible-Commercial/dp/B0141FGTZY/ref=sr_1_16?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1449154503&sr=1-16&keywords=hikvision+nvr
  9. i know he is using skylake. but you need a haswell rated psu for skylake as well, because it is even more powerefficent than its predecessor.
  10. buying a new psu is the best thing you can do now. And a case would be good too