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    Intel i5-4460
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    Asus H97M-e
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    Kingston HyperX Fury Red 1866MHz (1x8) 8GB
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    Asus GTX 750 Ti OC
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    Deepcool Smarter
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    Western Digital Blue 1TB + Western Digital Black 2TB + Crucial BX100 250GB
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    Seasonic M12II-520 EVO
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    3x Asus VX239H
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    Intel Stock Cooler
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    Rakk Kimat Mechanical Keyboard (Black Gateron Switches)
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    Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
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    HyperX Cloud Stinger
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    Windows 10 Home Single Language

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  1. Setup: 1. 3x ASUS VC239H (ports available are HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA) 2. Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti OC 3. 2x Active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter cable 4. 1x HDMI cable Problem: 3rd Monitor (or probably using a 2nd DP) only gives 1024x768 as max resolution and is being detected as Generic Non-PnP Monitor. Things I've Tried/Observed: Clean reinstall of NVIDIA Drivers thru GeForce Experience Trying all display ports with 2 DP + HDMI (one DP is still detected as 1024x768) Trying all display ports with 2 DP (one DP is still detected as 1024x768) Trying all display ports with only 1 DP + HDMI Trying all display ports with only 1 DP Had the cable replaced with a newer one because I thought the cable was defective since it seem to only occur on the previous cable. New one still renders 1024x768. The 3rd monitor is being detected as a Generic Non-PnP Monitor Tried the option Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer, only two options are available. Picked the Generic PnP Monitor and proceeded. Still 1024x768. At one point, doing the above with the old cable gave me the option to switch to 1080p but it only worked for that session. After restarting, it reverted back to 1024x768. My previous card was an ASUS GTX 750Ti OC and it worked well, was using 2 DVI-D + HDMI back then. This is my first time with DisplayPorts. I've read about display ports and the only thing notable I've read was about the passive/active DP. Since my card doesn't have the label DP++, I got myself 2x Active DP adapter cables but for some reason, only 1 is working correctly.
  2. Yes I'm on desktop and can see that the Hybrid Sleep is on as well. Just read the article and that explains the behavior I experienced. Will probably settle for this in the meantime. Is there any caveat or something to watch out for, software-wise, when using Hybrid Sleep? The WiFi being turned off is one thing but I have yet to find out possible others.
  3. ZeferiniX

    Spray Painting a Laptop Chassis Help

    Was actually considering Vinyl tbh, not sure how long they'd last. What's the disadvantage? Are they good with dealing sweat?
  4. Hi guys! So I'm planning to revive an old ASUS X550DP and I'd like to spray paint it to a metallic blue. Image below is from ASUS product page. Here's a video clip of what I have at the moment. How should I proceed on achieving this? I did some research but would like to hear your opinions as I'm a beginner with this. I think I really need to sand these to even out the surface except for the screen bezel part. My main concern is the top cover. It has scratches and ripple-like ridges as well as the logo. This will be my first time modding so I'd appreciate any instructions to achieve this. Thanks in advance!
  5. I just tried putting computer to sleep, wait for the LED light on the CPU to blink, turned off the UPS (which I assume is same as unplugging?), turned it back on and yea everything was back to how I left it but with the WiFi disconnected. Not a deal breaker but this seems to work. Just a question, is it safe to do that? Putting the computer to Sleep then turn off the UPS (same as unplugging)?
  6. Don't know if that title made sense but I'm trying to look for a solution where EVERY app I last opened before shutting down should be restored/automatically open upon startup again. Something similar to how MacOS does it. You're back to where you left upon turning the PC on and get productive right away. Is there a solution for Windows 10? I'm aware of the methods below: 1. Windows Startup folder 2. The Fall Creator's Update in the sign-in option 3. The file explorer settings But it's not quite what I'm looking for. My keywords for google are showing up solutions on How to DISABLE/STOP it, I want the opposite and for all last opened apps. Not just the Windows-related apps.
  7. ZeferiniX

    Something blew up in my Samsung Smart TV, Help!

    I'll try some local solutions first before considering the eBay option. Thanks for the time estimate. My international orders so far have only reached 3 weeks at most. A month seems too long but good to know I guess.
  8. ZeferiniX

    Something blew up in my Samsung Smart TV, Help!

    I'm wearing eyeglasses so I have my vision to blame Though I'm really seeing an R no matter how I look at it. Asked my folks as well, they definitely see an R also. I guess I'll try to look around my area to see if this is available. Thanks a lot mate!
  9. Hi guys, so my DVR seemed to have stopped working all of a sudden. Here's a video clip of it. Things I've tried (while also attempting to make it display something on the monitor) but no luck: 1. Try plugging directly to wall. 2. Remove the cameras. 3. Removed the hard drive. Any idea guys? Thanks!
  10. ZeferiniX

    Something blew up in my Samsung Smart TV, Help!

    Haven't thought of that, thanks. I think I see a "R 221K 1KV". Not sure with the last letter, if it's U or V. The top result on my google result is showing a "B 221K 1KV" from ebay. Now I'm confused as results are showing "B" and not "R".
  11. ZeferiniX

    Something blew up in my Samsung Smart TV, Help!

    I'm from Philippines and I think the shipping cost would cost probably tenfold more than the item itself
  12. ZeferiniX

    Something blew up in my Samsung Smart TV, Help!

    Not familiar with the parts and totally have no soldering experience but is this kind of capacitor easy/common to find?
  13. Here's the specific model of our TV: http://www.samsung.com/ph/support/model/UA32F4500ARXXP So I wasn't home when this happened and my folks just told me when I came back home that something blew up inside the TV and it won't turn on anymore. So I tried to disassemble and look on the insides of it (see pics). The brown one is the power supply board and the green one is the main board. Not sure what's on those covered by black plastics. Looking on this image, I think that's the part that blew up. Not sure what to do with it though. Any idea guys? Thanks!
  14. Hey - do you still have the AMD A10-5750m laptop? The one you brought up a few years ago?

    1. ZeferiniX


      Hey, sorry wasn't able to get back to you right away, been busy. Yea I still have it but I'm not using it anymore as I've gotten myself a PC. #PCMasterRace xD


      I'm assuming this is regarding the boost disabled after Windows 10? Are you still having the issue? If memory serves me well, I waited for AMD's drivers for the A10-5750m APU. I installed an SSD on my laptop as well during that time so that helped tremendously.

    2. TopHatProductions115


      I might do the same thing (AMD A10 ProBook)...

    3. ZeferiniX


      Good luck mate :)

  15. ZeferiniX

    Which router to get for my needs?

    Nope, the old DSL Line uses an RJ45 from the wall but this one is different. See attached images. I don't know what this one is called but that's what's coming from the wall.