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    5930k / 3770k
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    Dominator platinum 2666 4x4g, Vengeance 1866 4x4g
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  1. Guy carries pc to stage with rgb
  2. Any one screen cap the scores so we can estimate the clock speed the intel was at
  3. That was a awkward single person clapping for 4.4 boost
  4. Hmm if I wasn’t on Mobil I would link mindless self indulgence video get jimmy page off the stage for that guy
  5. I bet she’s happy for that video right now to get off stage
  6. Main stage time = very brown noses.
  7. A lot like sherif Andy from the old syfy show eureaka
  8. MS lady is failed Ai unit she doesn’t seem human
  9. Sunako

    [updated] Ryzen 3000 CPU benchmark spotted on Sandra

    no one is getting screwed if they increase core counts. if a person bought a 6 core at the time it is what they could afford and met their needs. Just because there is a large leap forward and people that bought something in the past and something Better comes out does not mean that people are geting screwed or ripped off.
  10. I have already posted on the ruling from the Supreme Court from 1990 it is constitutionally legal. There are just stipulations that the checkpoints must be made public 24 hours ahead of its opening.
  11. You are correct that they can not just pull any one over. But when it is a check point it is publicly safety and every one is checked it is legal. As long as they check every one and and not picking and choosing who to check it is legal. You will find at check points they will have other officers or cones at turns leading up to the check point. Those that try and avoid have given cause for the police to believe the person is trying to avoid an invounter. You will encounter similar check points in some states that require imissions equipment on the car. All are legal as long as you are not picking and choosing which vehicles to inspect unless they would have imissions in this case.
  12. You have In alienableriggts that all peoples are entitled to and rights granted to you by the rule of law. You are arguing all rights are dictated by morality but they are not. Many rights are granted or revoked based on the safety or wellbeing of the collective. It might not be morally right to put a person in prison for life but for the safety of other it is. This is based in law. So you have a romantic view of rights and mortality which you need to be able to disconnect the two to make and informed decision.