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  2. Uptivuptiz

    Need router for new house

    Friend is not willing to pay above given budget.
  3. rickymohk

    Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?

    Non-tech guys believe "larger number is better" even across different manufacturers... That's the problem.
  4. Sounds great, but using the minus signs as markers can be misleading, I would use bullet points instead.
  5. wait if you can.
  6. With the AMD announcement on the 3000 series, should I buy 2700X (lower price) or wait for the 3700X? This means a possible 570X motherboard as well. Obviously the new technology is better but then there will be 4000 series next year. Are 2700X prices now likely to drop? I am not a gamer but a good kit is important.
  7. OrionFOTL

    OCZ ZS Series 650W - Still useable?

    It is dual mag amp. "Two magnetic amplifiers"
  8. AkhilAttri

    More ram?

    I have a Pentium g2020 powered pc with 2gb ram and windows 8.1 on hdd installed should I increase my ram or add first would be a better improvement
  9. LukeSavenije

    OCZ ZS Series 650W - Still useable?

    hm... interesting like double mag amp?
  10. OrionFOTL

    OCZ ZS Series 650W - Still useable?

    Not group regulated; independently regulated with two magnetic amplifiers. I'd keep it. If it turns out to have problems with modern top end graphics cards and it shuts down, then replace it.
  11. Are you still able to watch like all ltt videos?
  12. dianemartins

    Eagle Eye X700

    I will show you several examples of Eagle Eye X700 below. You have seen what others are doing and you can do that also. You're prone to forget stuff relating to Eagle Eye X700. Of course, Eagle Eye X700 has more to do with Eagle Eye X700 than you realize. There is no reason why you can't do both as I had a good time at the Eagle Eye X700 fest last month. Eagle Eye X700 can have a profound effect. It isn't the best way to use from Eagle Eye X700, but this can be difficult. Don't allow Eagle Eye X700 to get you down. http://comdictnolep97.over-blog.com/
  13. For a student who wants to game, do some light editing to maybe some streaming at home. I had to choose between options for a Ryzen 7 3750H 4c8t 2.3-4Ghz paired with a GTX 1660Ti Intel i5 8300H 4c8t 2.3Ghz-4Ghz paired with either a 1050ti,1650 or 1060 Intel i7 8750H 6c12t 2.2Ghz-4.1Ghz paired with either a 1050ti, 1650 or 1060 I'm trying to aim for the best value whilst having the best performance where possible.
  14. xg32

    i9-9900k vs new AMD CPU's

    depends on the 8 core boost, those are the single core boost #s, 65w could be 4.0 all core and 105w can be 4.4
  15. akio123008

    Regen braking on cheap ESC

    Hello everyone, I've built an electric bicycle which is powered by a brushless motor esc setup on the front wheel. A schematic looks like this: The ESC I use is a fairly cheap, though quite beefy "Red Brick OPTO" type that I got from a Chinese website. The setup works just fine, and the motor can drive the bike without any problems. However, there's something I'm quite curious about: When the ESC is turned on, and the throttle (potmeter) is closed, meaning the motor isn't being powered, it's quite hard to turn the motor manually. Of course that's some kind of "motor braking" going on. What I want to know is is this braking regenerative? That is, does the ESC charge the batteries when an external force turns the motor? As I've mentioned, the ESC is fairly cheap and came with some extremely minimal documentation, and I couldn't find the answer online, so I'm hoping that someone out there has more experience with this and knows what's going on here.
  16. I've created an account just to whinge about Jake smudging the heck out of the front of the case at 7:50. Do you know how hard that's to clean? Luke Knows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCxwLxlZy8c
  17. GoldenLag

    Help me choose a processor

    its not the clockspeed that makes the 9900k good. its the iGPU and the fact adobe uses quicksync. something all the coffeelake CPUs have. so you could also just get a 8700k
  18. AMD's Gaming benchmarks R7 3800x vs R7 2700x -34% uplift in CS:GO -33% uplift in League of Legends -31% uplift PUBG -21% uplift in Overwatch -15% uplift in DOTA2 -11% uplift in GTA5
  19. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Never try this command on host computer

    apparently people will try this on other people's pc
  20. I don't get it. POKE 59458,62
  21. Skiiwee29

    Never try this command on host computer

    Ive already reported it as Trolling/Pointless when it first popped up. Best way to get it done is to just report the OP for that.
  22. APWProductions

    Help me choose a processor

    Oh. I figured the higher clock speed would be better. I actually just watched the AMD keynote and am gonna hold of for a while and wait for all the new CPUs to be tested out. Then do a comparison then.
  23. Skiiwee29

    Never try this command on host computer

    Sadly this is probably true. I am surprised at times that I havent been issued a warning strike as I can get quite salty at times. Hence my title as Grumpy Old Man.
  24. This thread should be deleted. theres a lot of young people that use this forum I imagine who will probably want to try it and see what it does...
  25. Enderman

    AMD vs Intel cpus

    Not in the consumer space, maybe if you compare threadripper to certain xeon chips yes.
  26. Premoz1

    Why my csgo is only 100fps

    specs Rx580 8gb Ryzen5 2600 8gb ddr4 My other games run just fine but csgo is only 100fps.Ive tried reinstalling, and lot more common stuff lie that. My settings are 16:9 full hd and very low graphics settings. And i dont hae vsync on.
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