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Help with spigot plugin


I've been working on a plugin for a couple of days, but I run into this error (console output):

[20:07:19 INFO]: Expected whitespace to end one argument, but found trailing data
[20:07:19 INFO]: ...raftplayer{name=tdmclumar} run execute if entity @e[type=wolf,nbt={OwnerUUID:672de07f-7ba8-4c06-9132-42a3eedc1d5b},sort=nearest] run data merge entity @e[type=minecraft:wolf,sort=nearest,nbt={OwnerUUID:672de07f-7ba8-4c06-9132-42a3eedc1d5b,limit=1] {OwnerUUID:246222f0-34b0-478a-b02d-0767b064f613}<--[HERE]

I have no idea what it means, or how to solve it.

My plugin code: Pastebin


Any help is appreciated!


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