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I'm exploring options here!


Hey guys!


I need some serious help on audio and I really hope you guys can help!

Me and the missus used to game 10 feet apart - but needed to shift things around, so we're now as close together as it gets - and naturally, echo in discord is unbearable. It's just we're too close together now, so both our headsets pick up voice from the other one, but neither is loud and clear enough so we can drop one of them completely.


I've been thinking about getting a USB audio interface, but I'm not sure the microphones around the house will actually do us any good.

What I have in mind is probably have a 2-input interface, where 2 separate mics go for each of us - OR - get my Shure mic to do the job for both of us - as we are usually in discord together.

OR - I just buy a "Snowball" USB mic instead and leave the voice chat flowing through the speakers. Only - I don't know if that can actively cancel the PC output so it doesn't echo. We can always do with our headsets, I suppose....


Obviously there's many options here. I'd just like to know if anyone has experienced any of these scenarios - to give me feedback on what might be better.


Any advice on how to deal with the problem will be appreciated!

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