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RAM issues


having a slight problem with my PC, constantly getting memory management and PFN list corrupt blue screens, i have tried many different troubleshooting methods to attempt a fix but nothing seems to work.


i have tried using different ram, switching graphics cards, every method that windows support has said to do, even had someone from windows remote access my PC to attempt a fix, i am using PC wizard 2015 as i cant seem to find a newer version (i am pretty sure they stopped at 2015), but looking at the information it has provided i am getting rather confused (will attach pictures for you to understand why).


As you can see from the pictures the main spec is only showing 4GB RAM but when i check the physical memory on the mainboard section it is showing i have 4GB in both slots.


Is there anyone that can help me with this issue as i don't really want to go out and purchase a new computer, Thanks

8gb ram.png

PC specs.jpg

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