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Motherboard Help


I am building a new PC for a family member. They will mostly use it for gaming, photo editing, and some streaming. I would also like it to have some resilience to future hardware(not having to upgrade it aside from some significant new architecture). It is going to be a micro-ATX build, because she really loves the aesthetic of the Corsair 280x and we are hurting for real estate.

Where I am struggling right now is the choice of motherboard. I had the Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G picked out for its overclock ability (XMP), on board wifi (computer has to connect via wifi and PCI/dongle just feels bad), and M.2 slots. This board is currently unavailable except for 3rd party sellers for a $100 premium.

Most micro-ATX Z370 boards seem in short supply. I heard the new Z390 boards will be backwards compatible, but I cannot find a similar one under the ASUS tag, and I have no experience with other manufactures product lines.

Current part list (some I have from past builds):
16GB DDR4-3200 (2x8)
Samsung Evo 500gb M.2-2280
Corsair H100i PRO
Corsair 280x
GPU (still up for debate 1080ti(becoming limited), 2080(similar performance), 2080ti(only FE in my area)(tariff premiums looming)
ASUS Rog PG279

I was looking at:

I am not sure the difference of the 2 other than the Z390 was made with the new intel chipset in mind.
I am also not sure if there is a better board in general, and maybe I am just ignorant of some of those features.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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I like MSI. I hear ASrock is good. Gigabyte is also good, but a lot of the time their boards are not good for overclocking.

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