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Meshify C radiator

Hey all!! I got a meahify c tg 


exhaust corsair ll120 rear and 2 top, 


im running a corsair 115i pro, with 2x 140mm ll corsair fans as intake... my cpu is delidded and binned by slicon lottery 8086k and my gpu would be an EVGA or asus strix 3x fan 1080 or 1180 ( in the next month) depending on what comes out... 


ive seen the videos... but does any1 have real time  experience using a similair setup?...  my fan placement in front as opposed to exhaust the radiators  is purely for cosmetics... (i want to see the fans in front of my meshify c) 


i game and stream on my pc... world of warcraft overwatch fortnite bf5 etc... no productivity. 

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