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Need Help With WampServer


I need help with WAMPServer. So, when I go to http://localhost it doesn't display anything to show that I have WAMP Server. Also, the notification thingy that shows a pretty "W" is orange. One more thing, could I upload html files and not PHP files to the "www" directory?

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Do you have skype installed? it takes up port 80 by default, same port as wamp is set to. It usually interferes with wamp, some other software might interfere aswell. Go to your programs tray and click on wamp, under quick admin try restart all services. If that doesn't do anything you can check port 80. Go to apache, service and test port 80. 

Then you can either get rid of/change what is taking up the port, or you can change the port wamp is using. 

Then you do http://localhost:(port you choose) like http://localhost:8120



This seems like a decent thread for changing the default port.


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