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m65 rgb question/issue


I recently upgraded to the m65 rgb gaming mouse and I have a question about one of the lights. When I boot my computer the default lighting comes up- white scroll wheel, green dpi censor and red logo. When ever I change the color in the mouse everything goes fine except the scroll wheel. There are two lights on the scroll wheel (one on each side of the wheel), the light on the left changes just fine, but the light on the right just stays white. No mater what color I change the scroll wheel to, part of the wheel is white. If I flip the switch in the program to turn off all the light and then turn it on again the right side of the scroll wheel wont turn on. When the right side of the scroll wheel doesn't turn on it makes it less noticeable but I would like it to work since it was an expensive mouse. Is this am issue with the software or should I return the mouse to corsair and get a replacement?



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