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Really need the voltage controls.

So at the end, after a lot of troubleshooting, the problem with the second hand HP Elitebook that I got (not for me but it is for me now) was that the CPU in it just cannot handle the 3.6 GHz turbo, and the frequency has to be locked to 3 GHz with Hyper Threading, and 3.4 without it. In Linux, I can go a 100 MHz higher on both. With the speed locked through software, it runs just fine. I am using this hacky laptop instead of my previous workable laptop, is because is this is a more premium machine and has higher performance, despite being 2 generations old and having this handicap applied.


But I kinda really want that juicy 3600. The only troubleshooting that I was unable to do (except replacing the battery, but I already ruled out that it is not a power related issue, and except using completely different modules than the 2 I have, but BSODs show that it is a CPU problem, and I already tried different configurations with the same 2 modules and it is unlikely that both have a problem), was changing the voltages, and voltages seem a big flag with all the troubleshooting I have done.


Sadly though, the voltages control are locked. Throttlestop didn't work. Tried some stuff in Windows like disabling memory integrity but still TS didn't work. And I even tried some Linux programs to do it, but even they had a problem to change it. I am on the latest firmware. Is it safe to install a much older firmware? That might help if they locked the setting in an a firmware update. 


Till what extent can I go to try to get voltage controls? I mean, I just don't want go and install like a custom firmware, because I am honestly fine with what I have now. Maybe manually altering the registers in the CPU?


Also, I was thinking to apply new thermal paste. Any chance thermal paste might cause stability issues (not because of heat)? It's all over the CPU package as well. Also, there seems to be like a sticker around the CPU package (on it). Any chance that might interfere? I am being really nit picky, but I really have tried everything that I have got.

Microsoft owns my soul.


Also, Dell is evil, but HP kinda nice.

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