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POST expansion error after installing GPU

Hello. I recently bought a new Thermaltake Smart 600w PSU I needed to finally be able to use a RX 470 I bought some month ago for my Dell Optiplex 3010 motherboard with 12GB RAM, I3 3240, Windows 10 64bit

I installed the new PSU, without the GPU and everything worked fine. The motherboard is old so it only has a VGA output which was fine because my monitor is a VGA only. Of course, the GPU I bought doesn't have a VGA output, but I thought I could use a TV with HDMI as a monitor in the meantime. I installed the GPU on the pcie slot and plugged the 8 pin connector and before plugging the PC to the TV I tried turning it on connected to the VGA monitor through the motherboard VGA output. The PC turns on with a message saying the current video configuration is wrong and I should plug the monitor to the GPU, which I expected, so the PC is recognizing the GPU. However when I connect the GPU to the TV through  HDMI and turn on the PC there is no signal and the case gives the dell POST error code 1 2 blue On/Off button, the Dell POST code manual says it is a expansion card error, but specifically says it is not a graphics card error and I should remove or install any expansion cards I recently installed or removed.


If I remove the GPU the PC turns on just fine.

When installed, if connected from the Mobo, gives the message to connect to the GPU.

When connected to the GPU, PC won't POST.


I haven't tried connecting to another TV, since I have no other TV.

I haven't tried connecting through DVI or Display Port since I have no DVI or DP monitors or cables.

I haven't tried installing the GPU to another PC since I have no other PC nor I know somebody with a PC I could use to test the GPU. I'm from Venezuela, so it's kinda hard to buy stuff here at a reasonable price when earning 140$ a month

One thing I noticed is that the PCIE 8 pin connector clashes a little bit with the GPU board so it doesn't go in all the way, it is just like a millimeter from going in all the way. I don't know if that's what's causing the problem and the GPU isn't getting all the power needed to work.

I tried turning on the PC with the GPU installed on the PCIE but without the PCIE 8 pin to test if it was the 8 pin not being connected completely. The PC started just fine using the Mobo VGA port. GPU fans not spinning unlike when the 8 pin is connected.

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