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Installing wifi issues


Recently moved house (UK) virgin media (VM) sent us a new box. This new house has an optical cable coming in the wall, and the previous owners left an Adtran 621 box. The VM box doesn't work with either the Adtran box or the other cable I pictured (which fit into the router directly). There was no way to use any of VMs other cables (insulator cable etc) with that wall cable 


I got wifi using just the Adtran box and Ethernet cable into VM router for about 30minutes yesterday then nothing since. 


I don't know anything about optical network boxes so wondered if someone could give me their two sense on what they do/what they don't do.


kind regards




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Optical fiber companies usually install an optical/router box in your house. At his point, you either plug your computer directly or (preferably) you plug your router to get more ports and wifi from the optical fibre.

Personally, if the company sells a service that I can't use because they don't offer customer support, I'd threaten to issue a chargeback and go with a competitor.

Just my two cents.

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