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Is Rockitcool still a good site?

TLDR: The Rockitcool website has had a couple pretty concerning reviews for the Intel 12th/13th Gen Copper IHS. The reviews say that the Copper IHS is shown as available for purchase and can be bought, but nothing will be shipped even if they say they got your order and that communication with the customer isn't great. I'm thinking of delidding one or two of my cpus and I want to make sure that Rockitcool will actually fulfill my order if I do order something. Thoughts?



Long Version: I've been having a few thermal issues with two of my intel cpus (one of the cpus is the i9 12900KS), and I'm thinking of either swapping out the Stock IHS and TIM for them or lapping the Stock IHS. I've tried my best to keep it cool (Deepcool 360mm AIO Cooler with custom tuned Pump and Fan Curve, Intel CPU Contact Frame, Arctic MX4 Thermal Paste, and -0.065mV Offset in XTU, 5.2Ghz P-Core/4.3Ghz E-Core), and it's still having a bit of a hard time keeping it in control. It hovers at around ~87-90C in a sustained all core load, and while it doesn't throttle it's bit too toasty for my liking as I don't want my AIO to run too hot for longevity reasons.


I have heard that Rockitcool's Copper IHS will drop the temps by roughly ~10C. I've done some research and I'm interested in trying to do it myself. However, after looking at Rockitcool's website I noticed that the complete upgrade kit (Delid+Relid Tool and Copper IHS kit) and the Copper IHS by itself were sold out and the 3rd party 12th/13th Gen Delid/Relid Services say that they're sold out of the Copper IHS.


After a few days, it was back in stock but some reviews came in saying that their orders for the Copper IHS were either cancelled or weren't shipped and that the communication with the customer was pretty bad or they were silent. And apparently this happened a couple times already, so I'm a little concerned about Rockitcool's ability to actually fulfill orders for their 12th/13th Gen Copper IHS. And considering that the cost of the Copper IHS standalone is ~$49 CAD ($36 USD) and the proper upgrade kit (with the tools that you need to delid/relid the cpu along with the Copper IHS) is ~$116 CAD ($86 USD), I really want to make sure that Rockitcool will actually send their product when I pay them for it.


Here are 3 reviews, one from a few weeks ago, one from a few months ago, and one from a year ago:



Has anyone ever bought the Copper IHS or upgrade kit? And if they have, how was the experience both the delidding, but also the customer service? How were the Temps? Is it worth it?

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