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Need Headphone Recommendations


Hello helpful people, I am looking for a hew set of headphones. Heres a few details:

  • Must be under $160
  • Must be blue tooth
  • Must be over the ear
  • Mostly used for listening to music
  • Occasionally used for playing CSGO (sound-whoring)
  • Preferably sold on amazon
  • Should be reasonably portable and durable
  • No need for a microphone

I previously had the Senheiser HD 4.50 BT, and really liked them. However, after 4 years of heavy use the connection of left cup to the headband broke. Has there been good new headphones produced since then, or should I just get another (or even can them be repaired)?

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43 minutes ago, TechlessBro said:

If you like the sounds just get the same brand.


Each brand has a sound signature, like a flavour it’s has to be to your personal taste. 

Only improvement since 1970 is in the Bluetooth versions and battery life.

Any suggestion for which Sennheiser? I looked at their offerings and it seems like the 458Bt, 450BT, and 450SC are all meeting the criteria and idk how they are different or which to choose. I looked online, and I cant find any differences, but I would assume their are considering their prices.

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