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  1. I am looking for the best Bluetooth headphones under $150 that can both be used for audio-sensitive games like CSGO and for streaming music. I'm also looking for close backed headphones and (if possible without too many sacrifices) for them to be noise canceling, since im heading to college next year. Also, I don't have a bluetooth card or motherboard in my computer, but I was hoping to use a bluetooth usb, like this to connect them to my PC. If you know any usb or any other solution that would be better, then also please let me know (wifi is preferred).
  2. I thought the only difference between the echo and the echo dot is the quality of the hardware (i.e. speaker and mic) am i wrong?
  3. For instance i asked it "what is the gdp per capita of south sudan" and it tells me that south sudan is a landlocked country.
  4. I just got a alexa dot today, and it appears to be inexusably trash at answering questions. Any1 else have this experience, or did i just get unlucky? Also how good are all the other personal assistance, and which one is the best?
  5. Just to make sure, open back headphones means people around me can hear what im hearing, right?
  6. Wired or wireless are both equal to me, the wire doesnt bother me that much, pc and phone, no brands i would want to avoid, but must be available through Amazon
  7. Just realised i forgot to specify this and price, just updated the post
  8. Are those open or closed?
  9. Before we start, I have read over the audio boards suggested headphones, but all the descriptions for them are based around music, which i am not interested in. I am looking for some headphones with 3 main criteria: 1. Good build quality, the last pair I had broke when I carried them around in a slightly overstuffed backpack. 2. Good for gaming (accurate sound placements, and able to differentiate different sound effects) 3. Comfortable Edit: Im looking in the price range of under $100 and closed headphones
  10. SRy, i should have been more clear, its not that i dont like fortnight, its more that i dont like battle royal games. This is mainly because of rng loot along with low skill strategies like cleanup and camping.
  11. I dont know if this is a thing people do on this forum, but if you play a game or a have played a game that you think I would like suggest me it. -I want a game with the least amount of uncontrollable factors possible. This means stuff like actual rng and also the randomness of other players effecting me (this doesnt mean i dont like multiplayer games, just not multiplayer games where my input is limited by stuff like my teammates). -For monetizing the game i will play p2p games, subscriptions, f2p with cosmetic cashshop, and actual expansion based games (i.e. the expansions expand o
  12. I was planning to, just wanted to see if this would work because i have a ace in my neiborhood. Anyways thank you all for your help, i will be buying actual thermal compound from amazon ☺
  13. https://m.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1295693
  14. It doesnt appear to be thermal throttling, the cpu sits at about 60 and the gpu sits at 70