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sound bar replacement

New Sound bar Suggestions


I currently have samsung q6a soundbar with the wireless sub and wireless rear. The atmos performance is terrible and I find myself preferring the 5.1 on it due to the awful up firing speakers. 


Does anyone have any recommendations that would be better. looking at  the q800b with the rear and sub. Wireless is a must due to floor which rules out most unfortunately 

Devops Engineer Outa UK 💬

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I'm NOT a soundbar expert. 

With that said is it ABSOLUTELY the case that you can't run one wire per side speaker?
My SO has 2 wires going under her rug. If she didn't have a large area rug, she'd have the wires run along the edge of the room. 

And, as you've discovered, upfiring atmos can be hit or miss (especially with high up and/or slanted ceilings). I suspect that most people would be better off with a 4.1.2 to 5.2.2 system where things are well placed (with the top front speaker probably being high up on the front wall and angled at a person) and where reflections are NOT used to get sound to people. 


From a simplicity/presence perspective a 2.1 or 2.2 set up can also work well too.
Think 1 pair of [JBL 530, JBL 305p MKII, Emotiva B1+, Polk ES15] + a higher end sub [SVS, Rel Hsu] possibly bought used.

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