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Please advice first time build

Budget (including currency): $1200 pc + $200 monitor

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: AAA game hopefully for the next 5 years 60 fps 1080p just pure gaming and lots of chrome tabs  

Please help me improve my build it's my first time building pc and i could only build it in september should i wait for newer things or just buy it now?. thanks and sorry for my english 

Generally price different for unit are about the same with the US except it's a bit more expensive here

My main question :

  1. Not sure about vga $5 - 10$ different in my country for 6600 xt and 6650 xt is xfx brand good?
  2. Are the PSU good?
  3. Are the cooler for processor adequate? or it could be better
  4. Motherboard not sure please improve it
  5. could my monitor be better without adding too much?



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The 6650 xt is worth the small price jump, and the XFX speedster is a much better cooling solution than the msi gaming x option. I’d opt for that XFX 6650XT


Otherwise good choices, good hardware pairings, that psu is pretty decent.

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