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Replace Qnap to a server



I would like to replace 10 year old QNAP in my office for a server. Until now, NAS has only been used to store files. Sometimes someone edited word files straight from him, looked at pdf files and pictures. QNAP has 4 drives in RAID1 (2 x 4TB and 2 x 3TB).

The new server would be used mostly for file storage, but I also notice that users (maximum 20 but usually 2-5 people use it at the same time) more and more often work directly on the NAS, also there is a graphic designer that works in Photoshop or Illustrator directly on QNAP.

I am considering two options, some rack server eg DELL with hardware RAID 1 or 5 (2 x 8TB or 3 x 4TB) with pure Debian Linux or Ubuntu and Samba. The second option is some custom build or a server without hardware RAID managed by TrueNAS.

I would like to know your opinion and possible equipment proposals. I currently have a Dell r710 with Proxmox, which runs several containers and I like it, but it is already a bit old-fashioned, so I don't know if it makes sense to buy a second one. More importantly, this model will not support drives larger than 2TB.



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