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I understand that some people have been having issues with the trusd process pinning people's CPU usage. I have read on other forums that it is a bug that has occurred on some updates of macOS. There are two things that I wanted to address. The first is that people are hesitant about reinstalling macOS. The only thing that happens during a reinstall is it replaces ONLY the macOS files.


It will keep all the files and programs from before on your computer. I’m unsure if people understand that if you delete the main volume will you lose application and documentation information. If someone is that concerned about losing data creating a TimeMachine backup will keep a snapshot of your system.


Second, if you didn’t just recently update your mac and this process is happening to you it might be malware. More specifically adware/ keylogger.


I had a friend give me their laptop and was complaining that their computer was running super sluggish and sometimes won’t even load a website. I tried connecting it to two different Wi-Fi signals (home and work) also attempted to connect it via Ethernet. Of course, the first thing I do is open the Activity monitor and sure enough “trusd” was using 130% of my CPU usage. I looked up what might be the issue tried their troubleshooting steps and nothing fixed it even the reinstall which yes, I had tried to no prevail. I then installed Malwarebytes ran a scan and come to find out there was a keylogger on her computer. Quarantined and delete the files from the hard drive and boom everything was back to normal. Ran my copy of Bitdefender just to double-check and there was even more Adware on top of the computer (A total of 50 different files). I do believe that with macOS security is the number one thing with Apple. However, that doesn’t automatically mean Macs DON’T get viruses.


All of this to summarize. macOS reinstallation won’t delete all your files it will just reinstall the macOS main program files. If still concerned make a backup before starting the process. Also, Macs won’t get viruses but CAN get malware. Run a scan to be sure that it’s not the issue.

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31 minutes ago, DrOobleck said:

Also, Macs won’t get viruses

Common misconception, Macs can get viruses. They just aren't as prevalent.




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I own a lot of iDevices.

iPhone3,1 = iPhone 4 (GSM) (Black) = 16GB, iOS 5.1.1 (unlocked)

iPhone3,3 = iPhone 4 (CDMA) (Black) = 16GB, iOS 4.2.6 (locked to Verizon)

iPhone4,1 = iPhone 4S (Black) = 16GB, iOS 9.2.1 (unlocked)

iPad2,5 = iPad mini 1 (Silver) = 6GB, iOS 8.4.1 + 10GB, 6.1.3 (WiFi only)

iPhone5,3 = iPhone 5C (GSM) (Blue) = 32GB, iOS 10.3.3 (locked to AT&T)

iPhone6,1 = iPhone 5S (GSM) (Space Gray) = 16GB, iOS 10.3.3 (locked to TracFone)

iPhone6,1 = iPhone 5S (GSM) (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 11.0.1 (locked to TracFone)

iPhone7,2 = iPhone 6 (Silver) = 16GB, iOS 8.3

iPhone8,1 = iPhone 6S (Space Gray) N71AP = 16GB, iOS 15.0.2 (unlocked)

iPhone9,1 = iPhone 7 (Global) (Midnight Star) = 256GB, iOS 15.1 (unlocked)

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On 1/22/2022 at 11:49 AM, FakeKGB said:

Common misconception, Macs can get viruses. They just aren't as prevalent.

I agree, I made a mistake in that closing statement. Cause Viruses is a sub category of malware. Macs are can get viruses. One of the reasons that stuck with me on why it’s not common is cause they have a smaller market share compared to Windows so most hackers will go after the market with the most users. 

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