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Floatplane Theatre Mode Bookmarklet "hack"




Been watching a lot of VODs in a window on Floatplane while doing other things and to make best use of the window, I came up with this bookmarket to format the current page to a theatre mode (while we wait for the official one):🙂


javascript: (() => {document.getElementsByTagName("navbars")[0].remove();document.getElementsByClassName("page-wrapper")[0].style.paddingLeft = "0px";document.getElementsByClassName("player-container")[0].style.maxWidth = "100%";})()

If you're not sure how to add a bookmarklet, it's just a bookmark that runs JavaScript on the page you're on. There are many guides - such as https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/what-are-bookmarklets/


You need to go to the video you want to watch, then click this bookmark on the bookmark toolbar to refresh the page.


All this does is hide the left navigation and remove the formatting that held the video on the right. To reset/undo this, just refresh the page.


This helped me so thought I'd share (not sure if this is the right place - tried to paste on FP but there's sensibly some restrictions on posting code 😄 ).



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