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Rx 570 memory controller burn !!!


Hey guy's,

I've had an xfx rx570 for a long time and with the shortage of cards, I'd just like to repair my card. So I opened the card and immediately noticed a big problem!
One of the two fm25Q02 chips ( 1802TOG ) burned out! There was also some kind of liquid in the vrm, something like flux . Anybody have an idea how to replace this chip ? Do I need to flash it?
I am attaching a picture, maybe you will be better! 
Also small question, how to know which vrm pins are connected to the ground? Just with the datasheet?

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Thanks to everybody , you're amazing ! ( I love this forum )



3 - dsZ6JiC.jpg

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