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TLDR, Should I get a macbook pro or windows laptop for music production and daily driver? If getting the Macbook Pro should I wait for the new models to be announced or look into more cost effective alternatives like maybe a certified Apple refurbished pro.

Recently I have started looking into purchasing a new laptop and am torn between decision making. Ideally I need the laptop ASAP but if a better option is to wait for new releases I have options that I can make work in the meantime. As both a Mac and PC user I am having a tough time deciding which route I want to go down, my ideal specs are a fast cpu brand does not matter to me too much, at least 16gb of ram and at least a 1tb internal ssd. This laptop will mainly be used for Music production software, the occasional graphic design and basic office work. Being able to handle games is definitely a bonus but not required if I decide to go down the Mac route as I do own a switch for portable gaming and have already reserved a Steam Deck haha. I know for price performance pc is probably the best option but the Macbook pro does seem appealing to me due to the 1st party applications, OS, and UI as that has been my primary setup for a laptop in the past and mostly using windows and my pc for desktop gaming. I know there is some support issues with the M1 chips for certain third party plug ins and apps but the battery life and performance does seem appealing. If the Macbook is the way to go for my needs would it be better to just wait and see what the new models offer or look into something like a refurbished model?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide a little insight 🙂

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