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Go z600 I believe from the board it’s a first gin but not 100%  but runing duel Xeon  a x5550. With 40 gig ddr3-1333 of. Ram. 4 250 e 8440 I belive or something close to that. But raid  0  and asus gtx 1050 to believe sorey not at home with that computer. But any way. Have any suggestions on what I can do  to keep it going a little. Longer have to remember. In the factory chasi the dell ps only has 1 6 pin  any way question is. Is it worth it to get the max ram clock. On it. I had 24 gigs of ddr3 12800  in it and ran fine.  So would the ram upgrade really be worth it  and 2  is the x5570 the last one in that set that will work  because like always did. They build. This with the extra. Support they always. Work in these boards

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Swap for x5650-x5680


X55 series are nehalem, basically the same thing as those xeon x34x0 series but on lga 1366


x56xx are westmere, different from nehalem and come with up to 6 cores instead of 4

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