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speaker pops when changing apps

If I'm in a game and minimize the speaker pops. If I go back to the game it pops. It only pops once and that's it. It just started doing it and has not done it before. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Is it only for this one game? It sounds like the audio amplification circuit swicthing on/off which I'm thinking is happening when switching between audio formats for the game and for Windows.


Get to the sound properties for your playback device and try setting "16 bit, 48000hz" for default format if it's set to something else. Also try toggling the Exclusive Mode checkbox. Do you have a surround sound system?


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Well I did change it to what you said and noticed no popping and then I changed it back as there is a pretty big difference between 16 bit and 32 bit sound. After changing it back the popping is still gone. So I don't know, but thanks

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