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Weirdest problem installing video driver.


Hi. i didnt know where to post this so ill just put it here. i recently took a job of fixing my cousins laptop that fell and the hdd was damaged. i replaced the hdd and re installed windows no problem. the computer is running fine and all drivers updated except for the video driver. the laptop is as smooth as it could be but whenever i install the video driver the laptop begins to freeze every 2 seconds. whenever i move the cursor across the screen it freezing as though the pc is lagging but usage and temps are fine. whenever i uninstall the driver and go back to microsoft stock windows 10 driver it works normal. please help me with this, ive been at it for days, ive also tried different versions of the driver but no luck. 


HP laptop (not sure what model)

AMD A6-5200 APU

Radeon 8400 R3 series

Windows 10 64 bit

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