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Pc wont post


Hey, I’ve been bashing my head against a wall for hours trying to fix this problem. 

When I try to turn on my computer, there is NO display at all, alongside two short beeps. I have a lenovo motherboard and after looking through the post codes, it claims ALL of my Ram died which frankly does not make sense. Perhaps I am just being arrogant, but I find it difficult to believe ALL of my Ram died right when I turned my pc on (I turned it off the night before, so turning it on this morning was a bit of a surprise). I have already done the following, removed all ram and only entered one stick at a time, removed and pit the CMOS battery back in, changed my power supply. I truly have no idea what else I could even try. Thank you for reading this mini rant 



cpu: i5-4570

RAM: 32gb (4x8) DDR3 

GPU: Gtx 1050

psu: EVGA 400w


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