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New laptop problems

Hello everyone, I have recently bought an Asus fx 505 du laptop. The specs are Ryzen 7 3750h , Nvidia gtx 1660ti, 512 gb ssd and 8gb ram. This is a mid level gaming laptop and I have watched a lot of videos on youtube about this laptop. It is to my satisfaction. It has been around a week since I got it but there seems to be problem. I can't get the performance I saw on the videos. All my drivers are up to date. The system on the videos all had 16 gb ram whereas mine has 8. For reference shadow of tomb raiders render gives me 40 fps on high and medium settings. ( there isnt any fps difference between two settings.) Just as well, I play dota 2 a lot and fps is basically the same with a 1050 system, around 50. I cant get 60 fps on this laptop, which I bought for that specific purpose. Any help is much appreciated.


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