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i7-4790k Boot Loop

I recently acquired an older gaming PC from a friend of mine. From what I know, it is possible that the CPU was overheating for a while due to a faulty AIO, though I have no way of knowing this for sure. The PC has a boot loop problem when turning on. Nothing appears on the screen after pressing the power button. The lights will turn on and the fans will start up for a couple seconds, then turn off and back on again. The computer will do this for a seemingly random amount of time until it will make it past the boot loop issue. From then on, as long as the computer remains on, there are no problems. I have tested a new power supply, ram, and motherboard so I am fairly confident that it is in fact the CPU (I have been testing with a hyper 212 evo since I am unsure of the AIO). I guess what i'm wondering is if there is anything I can do to possible fix this issue and if there is any easy way for me to test the AIO. An suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Computer Specs:

  • I7-4790k
  • Asetek 550LC 120mm (Hyper 212 Evo during testing)
  • Gigabyte Z97-D3H
  • ADATA XPG 16 GB kit
  • Corsair CX600M
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