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Microsoft Family Help.


So I got a Xbox 1S for Christmas. We hooked it up and did all our accounts, then discovered something called Microsoft Family Features. We created a family, and later in the day I went on my pc to watch some YouTube. I have no restrictions on my PC, except a time limit. Then Family came along. as far as I know it has only restricted Google. I was very annoyed by this. I am currently using Microsoft Edge, And I have found Google Chrome is about 10x better. I have removed my account from Family, made my account have adult permissions, Tried Removing my account from my PC. NOTHING MADE GOOGLE COME BACK. I am about ready to smash my pc I am so frustrated. It's a weird thing to be mad about, but I HATE Edge. I really don't want to format my pc, but I might do it. I really need help. And I really hate Microsoft sometimes.

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