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Replacing my destroyed PC




I am planing on replacing my PC I lost in the California Wildfires, sadly FEMA didn't understand my PC was worth roughly $2,500 USD at the time of the fires, and only credited me with $500, gifts from the holidays from friends and family upped that budget to roughly $1000 thankfully :)


I am looking for something for competitive gaming and school, I am studying network programming primarily so I know what I need, but I haven't had time to shop around, and i've not really kept up with new tech for the past 2 years.


Primarily looking for a PC, doesn't need RGB swag or any of that, just needs to fast as I tend to multitask a lot (EVE, school work, game projects, ect) and I have a monitor.


If anyone has some budget suggestions for case, motherboard, GPU, CPU, Memory, ect, that would be ideal, this would be a short term solution for the time being.


Ideally what im looking for

-High clock CPU

-Decent GPU for one monitor

-Budget memory

-at least 1tb of HDD or SDD space

-a tower and fan set up that can withstand being in the same enviroment of a cat who sheds a lot during the warm season


Also if anyone has a good suggestion for a wireless headset that would be fantastic, as i'll be living in confined quarters for the next few months and wires aren't ideal for peripherals.


So really, im just looking for suggestions for budget parts.



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sorry to hear bud.


Ryzen is your best budget bet for cost to performance. The stock coolers are actually quite good so really no need to run out and buy one.


R5 2600x, B450 motherboard of your choice (partial to Asus myself) a 550-600watt powersupply (Corsair CX550M would be a good choice), Adata does a pretty decent deal on memory module. you don't need anything stupendously outragous, a 2x8GB kit of 2400MHz should fix you up just fine, they also have quite affordible SSD storage too in the SU800 line. Very good NVMe drives as well should you want to go that route, SX6000 line. Seagate or WD for spinning media, something like a 2-4TB should hold you for a long time.


GPU... 1060's can be had online for a fair price. I'm selling a 1070 FTW that's collecting dust.


Mouse, keyboard... all very personal things. I have a masterkeys and a logitc G602. YMMV.

[FS][US] Corsair H115i 280mm AIO-AMD $60+shipping



System specs:
Asus Prime X370 Pro - Custom EKWB CPU/GPU 2x360 1x240 soft loop - Ryzen 1700X - Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x16GB - Plextor 512 NVMe + 2TB SU800 - EVGA GTX1080ti - LianLi PC11 Dynamic

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