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motherboards RGB headers?

hi ! first of all sorry for my bad English and my noob question. I'm not really a techie like I used to be. I got left behind with the tech stuff after windows xp was launched. got busy with other stuff. ?

Anyway regarding the RGB headers. I have a gigabyte z370m d3h motherboard and it has one RGB header. without checking the manual I went out to buy a RGB fan (ID Cooling ZF12025) to go try it out. So when I got home and plugged the fan I can't seem to control the lighting effects with RGB Fusion. So I checked the manual about the rgb header it says led strip header. so I'm kinda confused now i thought RGB header was kinda universal like I can plug fan or rgb led strip. when I checked gigabyte website it says it only "RGB Fusion supports RGB LED strips in 7 colors "


So my question is are there two or more kinds RGB headers ? or are they a universal thing? I also checked other motherboards like Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming for quite an expensive board this one also have rgb led strip header but I dont see any rgb fan header.





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I had the same question regarding my Gigabyte motherboard and came here to get some answers. I feel really bad for you though, hope you found what you were looking for.

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