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Blank screen after boot in linux

Hi! I have a new rtx 2070 card on amd ryzen cpu and i’ve tried to install parrot os and kali linux and got on both os the same problem : 


after booting up, i get a blank black screen with a forever loading bar on topleft corner of the screen. 


Then I realised i could still access terminal from alt-F2, so it had to be a driver problem if the system wasn’t crashed but that i just couldn’t  access the gui interface. 


So i installed a non specific nvidia driver i guess by typing apt install nvidia-driver, then i found out with nvidia-detect command that no released  driver(390 and under) was compatible with that gpu card. 


So i tried to install that specific 410 driver on my debian based os but couldnt find any download key and repository to access the .run file from nvidia’s website 


I’d like to mention though that I’ve tried to use gdm3 command (newer version of startx i guess) to boot in gui mode after installing nvidia-driver but nothing worked. 


Could anyone Help me with those repositories and download keys and most of all, could someone tell me if I’m in the right direction to solve my problem by looking around 410 driver ?

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Last time I tried to setup linux with nvidia I remember having to do a bunch of stuff to get it working properly. Hopefully you're more lucky. I wouldn't go randomly installing/uninstalling things via the command line if you could avoid it. 


EDIT: I think it was non-proprietary drivers or something. it was odd. Sorry I don't remember specifics. 

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