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I just installed Freefilesync.


I have many folders that need backing up anytime changes are made (I know I need to use Realtimesync afterwards to achieve this) from a SSD to a HDD. Both are internal SATA drives in the same system.


Hit a problem.


So I need any changes made to my files/folders to be replicated onto the backup HDD. That includes moves and deletion.

So I selected Mirror with Move folders option ticked.


Now I started testing with test folders and created a folder with some folders and sub folders and files to simulate. 


Ran into a problem. When moving a file outside of the source folder... say to the desktop, Freefilesync (from now on 'FFS'), thinks that I deleted the file.

So when I click compare it tells me it's going to delete the file.


Files have the potential to be moved anywhere on the SSD. So what can I do?



Next, when I open the desktop folder, many icons are missing. But some are there. Example Microsoft Word is there.


I checked the desktop folder on two different machines and found that on both this issue is present. 


In both cases I am logged into the main account (on PC there is only one account anyway).


Why is this the case?


- Core i5 3570k
- GA-Z77X-D3H -- REV 1.0

- Samsung Green 8GB DDR3 C11 1600Mhz 30nm
- Gigabyte HD 7870 OC Windforce 3x 2GB

- Corsair TX 650W


- Asus Xonar D2X PCI-E

- TP-Link Wireless N Adapter TL-WDN4800
- Bluetooth Adapter - TRUST 17772


- OS Drive Crucial MX500 500GB


- Samsung BluRay ODD

Lian Li SATA power switch BZ-H06B
BitFenix Recon Internet-Connected Fan Controller
Zalman CNPS9500AT with Zalman ZM-CS5B CNPS Clip Support

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