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GTX 1070 Issues



Ryzen 7 1700X
16gb DDR4 
GTX 1070
AsRock Killer SLI/ac X370

I recently upgraded from a GTX 750 Ti, and upon installing the new GTX 1070, it refuses to boot in the top PCIe X16 slot. The fans spin as normal, but nothing appears on the display. When I move to the card to the second slot, all works perfectly. My old 750 Ti worked perfectly in the top slot, which is what confuses me. 



I've done a few troubleshooting steps, tried the card in multiple other systems. In all the systems with AMD chips, it either flat out doesn't boot or only boots in the bottom slot. I tried it on a X58 based system and it booted, in the top slot, immediately. What could be causing this incompatiblity? The card is an ASUS Base Blower-style GTX 1070. 

I also have another system, with a similar configuration except a Ryzen 5 1600x (same motherboard) and I tried the card in there, to no effect. This seems to rule out a dead board/issue with the slot as the GTX 750Ti works in both boards, as well as other misc graphics cards.
I suspect it's a BIOS issue since it cracked right off in the top slot of an Intel X58 system. This card was pulled from an ASUS prebuilt based on a 4790k. Of course correct me if I'm wrong. 

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance!

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