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Glass Case Help MATX

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I recently decided to upgrade my computer and have most everything figured out. I really really want a case that is glass and a Micro ATX size, I currently have a full tower and want to do something different. Initially I wanted to go ITX but I need a second pcie slot on my motherboard so that is out. I couldn't find a case that I really wanted i the MATX size but I did find one that is a full tower size and still luckily, quite a bit smaller then my current case. I decided on the Xigmatek Aquarius as a case, but since I live in America I cant find anywhere to buy one. Unless someone on here can point me to either a Xigmatek retailer or even a different dealer or brand is fine,  I know there are a lot of companies that just rebrand their stuff. I can't seem to find any rebrands however so I eventually decided on the Lian Li PC -011, which for all intents and purposes is only minutely different from the Xigmatek. That being said there are a couple differences, The Lian Li has the IO ports on the front of the case were as the Xigmatek has them on top which will be a fair bit more useful for me as it will be sitting on the ground next to my desk for the time being. Also the Xigmatek has 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0, where as the Lian Li has 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 3.1 gen 2, which isn't too much of a big deal because Lian Li has a cable that you can use to either add or replace a front USB port with a 3.1 gen 2 type c. The only other difference I can tell is the the Xigmatek is missing a pilled on the front. I've attached some images to show all of you, this missing pillar is what drew me to the case from the start, it a much cleaner look. So will all that being said I have a few questions and I really want everyone opinions.


Lian Li PC-011 $140

Xigmatek Aquarius shipped from NZ $300

Rebranded Ionz KZ09 / Techware VXR  $120



1. Does anyone know where I could buy the Xigmatek Aquarius or rebrand in North America? I found two stores online that will ship internationally but they are in New Zealand the the shipping is really expensive.

2. Is anyone aware of any actual Micro ATX cases that are similar to either of these two cases? or should I just wait for the Lian Li PC-011 Mini?

3. Aside from the differences I mentioned above is there any other visual changes I forgot to mention or missed?

4 .How hard would it be to remove the pillar on the Lian Li, and will it effect the structural strength/support?


I found a couple of stores that will ship to America for a fair price for their rebranded version of the Xigmatek, which is identical to the Aquarius in all ways aside from the rebrand added the pillar that the Lian Li has. 


5. How many of you would purchase the rebranded Aquarius simply for the top IO ports because of where the case will be located in relation to you for ease of access?


Thanks for reading if you got this far I look forward to your opinion.

Take Care

Lian Li PC-011.jpg

Xigmatek Aquarius.jpg

Aquarius 2.jpg

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