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Alcala Architecture

windows 10 Network Shares

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We are a small business that had a server about 5 years ago. It ran into issues which out service recommended to retire it and get a new one or go to a peer to peer set-up. We decided on a peer to peer because we downsized and moved into a home office.We have 6 drives locations that we access across the network.






P: is our personal files pictures school documents ex.


When we migrated to the peer to peer all 6 locations were working fine on computer "A" . That set up was working fine however the issue that has occurred is computer  "A"  is my main desktop\ office workhorse. While we are creating plans in our BIM based program i export it to a rendering software to create 3D walkthrough which the i tweak stills in Photoshop and walkthroughs in premiere. With all those task that have to be done the machine gets significantly slowed down even after some upgrades. we decided to move the drives over to a different machine "B". I have only been able to establish network drive P: from computer "A" and no other computer. The only way to access files is to go to file explorer under network I open computer "B" and see all 6 file locations.


At this point were not sure what direction we should head in. We want to eventually get back into a server to be able to host our own emails and website.Or should we try to figure out what was wrong with our old server and repair it or should we continue with out current setup.

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