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My new Build (a iTX Build) AMD 3600 / 5700XT / 16GB / B450

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I also wanted to make a new Build again, since my current build was outdated. So i sold my old i7 3770K Corsair Graphite 600T Build to someone who didn't have much money, and I was looking for something else. The perfect time.


Unfortunately my wife didn't think it was a nice Case the Graphite 600, it was bulky and huge. She was right, you could never easily take the computer with you, so I started looking for something else. First I had the Node304 in mind, it was also in the WHITE. But you missed the 5.25 bay. When I looked at the Core500 from Fractal Design and also met the requirements, and I was able to build in a DVD burner. That's how the Fractal Design Core500 had become.


Everything went smoothly, not really many problems.



1. In addition, it is advisable if you want to install a GPU card in such a small iTX case? Then use an SFX power supply. Slightly larger power supply and the cables constantly touched the GPU card.

2. It was a shame that I had bought two 140 mm fans of Be Quit, but both fans do not fit in combination with the DVD burner. So it had to be sent back. If you want to build in the fans, you have to remove the 5.25 frame.

3. A vague and stupid problem with the B450 ASROCK Fatality iTX Gaming motherboard is that the m2 SATA connection is on the back. So if your SSD breaks down, you can't safely disconnect part of your build to only remove the motherboard. This is really a failer from ASROCK !!!!!!!



I had some issues in the beginning that the screen was flickering. I was on AMD drivers 20.1.2. And on the 21th of January they released 20.1.3 and it solved my issues. I had no more flickering screens while playing latest CoD.


My specifications:

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6x3
  2. Ballistix D4 16GB 3200
  3. Fractal Design SFX 550W
  4. Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4
  5. Asrock B450 Gaming-ITX
  6. Red Dragon 5700XT
  7. Fractal Design Core 500
  8. Asus DVD-Brenner DRW-2







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