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    Urpo [Turpo Edition]

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    Burning gasoline and some tech stuff...(not burning tech stuff :P )


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    i5 4670k @ 4.5ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z87-A
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX 8gb
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 7870 OC
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    Bitfenix Ghost Modded
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    Samsung 840 PRO, Kingston V300 120gb, Caviar Green, Caviar Black
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    Seasonic P660 XP2 Platinum
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    Acer X243HQ
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    Noctua NH-D14
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    CM Storm QuickFire TK Stealth
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    Logitech something
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    Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. Just make the switch and learn while using it
  2. It has now been running untouched since my last update and it has been great! Just thinking about getting RPI 2 to speed up owncloud a bit... It is a shame that RPI 2 didn't come with gigabit ethernet either, and that would have been my main reason to upgrade to it.
  3. JokuTyyppi

    Who has got windows 10

    Just making a backup of my main pc:s ssd with linux so if anything goes wrong, i can go back to 8.1
  4. JokuTyyppi

    Is 50dcb loud for my pc?

    BTW there is no 200decibel The theoretical maximum is something like 194, and that is LOUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. PROGRESS THUMB _ / (| ( : __ \ \_____ (____) ` | (____) | | (____) .__ | (___)__. |_____ LOOKING GOOD THUMB _ / (| ( : __ \ \_____ (____) ` | (____) | | (____) .__ | (___)__. |_____
  6. JokuTyyppi

    [Complete] Project: PC Master Race Takeover

    This just the right way to kill and humiliate the consoles! Starting from the inside Nice!
  7. Good to hear My sata -> usb adapters are stolen from existing external drives but you can get them from t.ex eBay or from your local pc hardware stores
  8. Thank you! It is amazing how capable that small AND cheap computer is. Of course the speed isnt anything special, about 10mb/s but that is fine for me In addition to being a Samba server it is also hosting one website for my mothers work and running an owncloud server which I use with my schoolwork to keep everything synced with different computers. It is overclocked to 900mhz wihout touching volts, it helped a bit with the loading speed of the owncloud web view.
  9. It is intake and I have thought about putting some kind of filter to it. It will just look less nice, but it is probably worth it I'll try to find something today, I think i have some filters left from my main pc
  10. Thanks! I think it looks pretty good too, although there are some gaps here and there and the hinges are not the same model You see, I don't like noise When I was shopping the fan for this I was comparing some arctic cooling fan and noctua, both 60mm. It was a tough decision as the noctua was 15€ and Arctic Cooling was 3€. I thought that I will get mad at noise so Noctua was the way to go. There are still FOUR low noise adapters before the fan I could just have bought one bigger resistor instead of using the noctua ones. Would have been much cleaner and cheaper.
  11. [uPDATE 20.2.2015Final] My Raspberry Pi home server is now finally completed First it was just about trying out something new and more reliable than just our home router with a hdd but after keeping it running for about a year, I decided that it is really going to stay and it needed a nicer case and most importantly, only one psu instead of four I wanted to make it as compact as possible, while still remaining some kind of airflow inside. I think the hardest part was actually the aluminum top and front as making it look nice took a ton of time and a LOT of nerves There were some nasty complications with the varnish on the aluminum so the finish is not as beautiful as it was but I am definitely not going to take the varnish off for third time, it is a real PIA. Thanks to my friend Razbit for providing some of the electronics, soldering those small wires straight to the pcb and making some things not so f*cked up In future I might change the model B Pi to some other small form factor pc that has a gigabit connection but it is not going to happen anytime soon Feel free to comment! Here are some pics: See u around
  12. [uPDATE 20.2.2015] Hello again, the aluminum cover is now finished and is being glued to the rest of the build right now. I just decided to give you some pictures before showing off the finished build tomorrow. I think the aluminum came up pretty nice for what kind of equipment I had It is not perfect, but looks pretty damn good to my eye at least On the other hand, the wooden part of this build is not quite straight I tend to do things a little (but luckily only a little ) f*cked up and I have a motto that I never get anything straight ( In terms of things, not people ) Sooo there will be some gaps between the aluminum and the rest, but you'll see tomorrow I hope ' So here is the aluminum top and front cover:
  13. JokuTyyppi

    GTX 970 STRIX fan options

    Yeah, even 80c wouldn't be much for a high end gpu A stock 780 for example would easily do 80c or an Amd R9 290x is 95c out of the box with reference design cooler So you are fiiiine
  14. JokuTyyppi

    Pi 2

    Well, it will work but... It is probably not as stable and the speeds will probably be slower. So if you have no chance using a cable, it is possible
  15. JokuTyyppi

    Pi 2

    You can check my Nas made of the model B Pi here http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/99103-raspberry-pi-nas-compactizing-and-rebuilding-the-case-7th-feb-2015/ It is a very efficient as a nas but the speed is what it is, about 10mb/s both ways but it is normally enough when I just sync my pics and stuff to it Pi 2 won't be any faster tho as it still uses that slow ethernet connection. It is a nice little machine with owncloud combined with it