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    Modelling poorly with blender, coding inefficiently, gaming like a professional.
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    Probably thinking about work I should be doing.
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    About to graduate as an "Engineer" of sorts I hope.


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    AMD Ryzen 3950X (OC later)
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    Gigabyte Aorus Master X570
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    32GB G.Skill 3600Mhz CL16
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    Asus? GTX 1070
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    1TB Gigabyte PCIe4 nvme. And lost of random bits.
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    750W EVGA Supernova G2
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    1x Asus 1440p 144hz IPS, 2x 1440p Fujitsu (10+KG each lmao)
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    Corsair H110i GTX (To be replaced with a proper loop)
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    Corsari K95 Platinum
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    Logitech G502, but wireless.
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    FiiO K3
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    ThinkPad T580

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  1. Sorry about reviving the issue. I have new information. Been running a default Ryzen power plan for a few days now. The powebug reappeared while using AMD Ryzen High Performance. This is me starting a blender render. 12 threads out of 32 are affected. So, only 4 cores out of 16 actual cores are functioning normally? 3/4 of one chiplet is having an issue, that doesn't really make sense to me. The frequency I am stuck at is higher, but some cores fail to reach base clock. System did not recover despite the blender generated load. The issue is the same, but behaving differently co
  2. I had one person say they had the same issue once on a 3600X. They said they were using the blanced poweplan, maybe the 1usmus powerplan I have could be a source of issues. Hopefully one of the default power-plans is without issue.
  3. This is default behavior. CPU usage is usually above 1 or 2 % if I am not idle. With the bug it will not go over that even with load. I will however test the default power-plan to see if it has an effect. When the bug is in effect games were stuttery, FPS was also lower. BIOS is the latest version, drivers are update. Windows is on version 1909, with latest updates, any newer and I need to be an insider.
  4. I tried playing Witcher 3 the first time I had this bug, it was "playable". Also that didn't fix the down-clocking. I didn't try a synthetic load, I might try that next time. With that in mind, the lowest speed I "naturally" see is 3.5Ghz on desktop, windows never reports lower than 4Ghz since it sees just the current highest speed.
  5. Greetings from a long time lurker. I am experiencing a strange bug with my 3950x for the second time. I just resumed from hibernation, and my CPU seems to stay clocked between 500 and 800Mhz. Windows is reporting utilization at 1 or 2 %, despite there being some stutters and slowness in system operation at this speed. Additionally HWmonitor is reporting half the cores at 567mhz, while the rest seem fine at 3.5Ghz. Temps are near 36C, so there is no overheating causing this. Only software that was hibernated was Firefox. A restart can fix this, at-leas
  6. Unfortunately I don't have time to wait for a cable to ship, if I am unable to do this with a standard USB-C to USB-C cable, I will simply wait to aquire an internet cable. I also wouldn't want to buy such an expensive cable in the first place. A USB-C to USB-C cable is all I have available at the moment.
  7. Title explains prettymuch all of this, apologies as this could be a quite stupid question. I want to use my laptop to get internet to my PC, the ONLY connector I have at hand is USB-C. Both machines are using Windows 10 (Home ver, hopefully MS wont fuck me here). I am unfamiliar with setting up this kind of system, I am only mostly sure no damage can occur with this type of connection, either no power is exchanged, or my laptop charges throug the PC. I would like to know however, how to setup the laptops internet connection to be shared. And... if it can... I
  8. How much of the bad sales comes from people just hopping on a bandwagon to crap on Ubis games? Ghost recon Wild-lands, didn't make headlines after release, propably because people weren't able fit it into the "ubi is satan" meme. R6S had a really rough start, however, support for the game has continued, and it has proven fruitful. Anno 2205 launched November 2015, not quite 2 years ago. I own Anno 2070, I liked that game, the new game added some things I wanted to see in the previous one for a long time. While that game has fans, it might not have as many as every FPS game.
  9. So, because you don't like Ubisofts games, you think they should just be used to make some corporation even more powerful. This buyout could cause an anti-trust case, but it's all right because ubis games are bad. Even then, you can't say their games are objectively bad. I for one like Anno 2070 and R6 Siege. I would like to get For honor, but I am simply put off by it being P2P and I don't really have money to drop on everything. I also wanted to get the new Anno game, but again, I can't drop money on everything.
  10. Great, so instead of trying to handle the situation properly the guy just takes the users money away. Everyone involved with G2A at any part of making an exchange is likely to get fucked. Just another reason for me to never buy from G2A, and my friends still wonder why I am against it.
  11. A friend of mine who uses the PS says it's good. He had it 24/7 use for 11 months, only times he had the PC off was when the power went out. It outlasted a hyper 212 evo aswell. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=214
  12. Safe? Sure, they would likely lose users very rapidly if they weren't. They are just trying to get some ad revenue from the looks of it. Legal? Nopedy nope, you aren't paying for the movies, and I doubt that the people who made the program were able to convince the big studios that ad revenue would make them money. That probably because they never consulted any studios. It's illegal, plain and simple.
  13. I would have though that kind of thing wouldn't fly with MS, but I guess they needed to compromise on moderating their minuscule app-store for some reason. The app itself seems to "profit" from ads, hopefully not malicious ones.
  14. Something about the store page being in bad Finnish (Estonian), makes me happy.
  15. I like how terrorist exploits should now be considered in civilian vehicles as well. Should they have made the hull V shaped to better handle VBIED's then? I can't wait to see volvo start advertising a civilian car that is "more explosive resistant". "Can handle IED's up to ~10kg, protect yourself now!"