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    Ryzen 5 1600x
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    MSI B450m Mortar Max
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    16gb ddr4 Vengeance 3000 MHz
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    Asus Strix 1080
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    Mac Pro 1.1

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  1. The prices convert to around 80 usd for the Seasonic and 100 usd for the Evga
  2. I'm looking at two used PSU's since prices have spiked over the last years where I'm from I'm running a 1600x/1080, I'm aware that 1300w is way above overkill, but they are pretty close in price. The Evga is 20% more expensive than the Seasonic, but which is the better value?
  3. My favorite thing about the G550JK is the brushed aluminum everywhere! It looks so fancy, and gorgeous!